no "kosher" logos on food in New Zealand?

Recently moved to New Zealand and the other day it occured to me that I haven’t seen any of those “circle K” or Parve logos on any of the food labels here. Now, I know there are Jewish people here, because I’ve met one, so why no symbols? I suspect these may be unique to North America (and, I would assume, Israel).

I am basing this on a rather unscientific sampling of the food I have in my house.



My first guess is that New Zealand may not have a large population of kosher Jews. All Jews don’t eat kosher. As a result, their food manufacturers don’t have a good enough economic reason to use kosher processing. You’d probably be able to find a specialty shop or two that deal in imported kosher goods, however.

There is indeed kosher certification in New Zealand, linked to the Wellington Hebrew congregation, plus a mark that food is approved as kosher (see page 2 of the site linked).

I think you mean “Not all Jews eat only kosher…”

Zev Steinhardt