No Logo - is it just me, or is it REALLY preachy?

Okay, I may well be a bit behind the times, but I’ve just finished No Logo.

Fair point with all the globalisation thing, how brand warfare is dangerous and bigger issues need to be addresses etc etc. Very clever expose of the dodginess of big corps and so on.

But why the mock commie posturing in the last chapter?

Sure, she didn’t call it communism, but instead “participatory democracy” - a very scary phrase, if you ask me.

A couple of q’s - anyone else find this book disturbing (in a bad way, rather than disturbing in the good way that was no doubt intended), esp. considering that it’s held up as the Big Book Of Truth by everyone from rock stars to Bob Left-Wing MP?

And also - anyone else thought the lass was trying a bit TOO hard to prove the points on occasion? The Body Shop was given a hard time for being ubiquitious - surely not a crime in itself?

(I gave it 4/5 on Amazon. It told me to go and read Stupid White Men - I think I’ll give it a miss, myself)