No longer a rumor: Star Trek: The Original Series, FX and Music Enhanced

Not sure what to think, I do remember that “Balance of Terror” cried for better special effects.

OTOH, there will be no digital correction for the huge bite marks left by Shatner’s chewing of the scenery.

The Romulans shot first!

Since when did George Lucas work for Viacom?

The thought of Shatner in a brass bikini does not fill me with glee.

Could be worse, they could enhance it with music from Monty Python and the Holy Grail:


Next week on Boston Legal… :eek:

I hope they rework the homoerotic elements between Kirk and Charlie X! :wink:

(Speaking of Monty Python and the Holy Grail) They could just re-film the original series all in Lego.

That was AWESOME.

No that was freakin AWESOME.

If they replace the phasers with communicators, I’m not watchin’…

Here’s another release – they’re also putting in new background extras, etc.

Sir Rhosis

Not wishing to bump an old thread unnecessarily, but I thought it funny that this news was on page 5 of The Times here in the UK today. Complete of course with a few fan rants :wink:

I’ll be watching, if the dialogue is untouched and the music merely replayed with a bigger orchestra, the new FX will be icing on a scrumptious cake as far as I’m concerned :cool:

I think I laughed harder at that than at anything else all year. It made the tears come out. (You really should post a warning for those of us at work. :smiley: )

Rats. I always counted in the cheesy effects as part of the charm of the show.