No, Look at MY Palm.

Just look at it. I am a freak.

I don’t have 2 lines running from either side of my palm ( 1 curving up and the other curving down ). I just have 1 line running straight across. I think that it is because when I close my hand I start to close all of my fingers at the same time. I think that almost everyone else starts closing their pinkie first then each other finger in turn.

Is there anyone else out there like me?


I seem to have 3 lines, one from wrist to the thumb-forefinger web, one from there to the pinky side, and one from the pinky side to the forefinger-second-finger web.

Which is the lifeline? (Wait, maybe I don’t really want to know!)

I’m with anomaly. Three lines. 2sense, you are just a freak.


Well, I have 2 main lines, really. I have a line from my wrist to between my thumb and forefinger. The main ( straight as piss ) line from 1 side to the other seems to be a combination of the 2 lines that you 3-liners have extending from both sides.

Just my 2lines