No March mini-rants? But I wanna bitch about this really trival thing!

First I scrolled. Then I searched. Then I searched again. Could not find a March mini-rant thread for this month. If someone finds it after I post, I will have to go on another mini rampage about it.

This trivial thing that I must get off my chest: You don’t know what you are taking about, you fancy YouTube group of channels that try to give yourself the look of legitimacy but are really people bullshitting. I’m looking at you, ThinkTank.

Firstly there was that small bit about the world having to choose a veggie and corn would be the most popular pick. At least you didn’t say this was a fact, only your dumb opinion. I don’t know if the world would pick corn over potatoes but I do know that corn isn’t a vegetable. It is a grain. But hey, vegetables are not a real category any way.

But then the very next video I watched was about what other countries think is American food. I found out that in a lot of countries in Europe, any oversized portion is called American. Yeah, that makes sense. In Japan they put corn on pizza and call it American. And, the kicker, in Germany they have an American aisle in the supermarket where you can pick up barbecue sauce, popcorn, enchiladas, tacos and burritos. The host laughed and laughed at the stupid Germans for thinking Mexican food was American.

This pissed me off soooo much. Steaming mad. Out of proportion to the offense, I think. Mad enough to leave a YouTube comment. That’s right, I’ve become a YouTube comment-or. The only thing lower than that is a Yahoo comment leaving idiot. But I was so very, very angry. Here, in its entirety, is my frothing YouTube comment:

Mexico is in America.

Do you think if German supermarkets had poutine or a beavertail in the American aisle there would have been that much derision? I think not.

Did you search for “March”? Forward, March (minirants)

Too slow again…

March minirants.

Like it or not, “American” can, and usually does, mean “of America the country (i.e. the USA)” rather than “of America the continent(s).”

But, enchiladas, tacos, and burritos are eaten often enough by Americans of both sorts that I don’t think it’s wrong to call them “American food.”

In the US, sure. But what do you think Canadians and Mexicans think of this bullshit. Germans sure don’t think it.
Also, I did search for “March mini rants”. I also searched for just plain old “mini rant”. I did not search for “minirants”.

Admittedly I am just a sample of one Canadian, but if someone says “America” to me, I assume they mean the USA.

No, it’s in North America.

And the place to find the March minirants thread is in…the Pit.

I’m sure they’re used to being thought of as America’s hat and beard, respectively.

Did you search for rants?

Oh boy a chance for me to be pedantic!

Technically, Mexico is in “the Americas.”

There isn’t a geographical place called “America” outside of the short form for “the United States of America.”

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