No matter how hard I blow.......

No matter how hard I blow my nose, I just can’t get it unstuffed! Stupid Flu! Does anyone have any good recomendations to get rid of the flu? I can’t take most daytime medicines because stuff like dayquil makes me VERY VERY edgy.


Vicks VaporRub will clear out your nose. Put some on a q-tip so you can put some in each nostril and then put a little bit under your nostrils. It works great.

I think the only thing to cure the flu is time. The drugs you can take, like Dayquil, will help relieve some of your pain but it doesn’t really make the flu go away. Just drink lots of liquids like lots of clear juices and water and eat some chicken soup or hot liquid jello. You may want to take some Tylenol or Ibuprofen for pain relief too.

Hope you feel better soon!

One trick I discovered during a two-week bout of sinusitus (you ain’t seen nothin till you’ve pulled it out of your nose in foot-long strings) was to use one of those little squeeze bulbs used for getting mucus out of babies’ noses. You should be able to find one in your local drug store.

You might try this.

If you do, let us know how it works. Try not to laugh, though, when you’re doing it. That’s probably a bad idea.

Mr. Athena uses something very much like the Nori thing, and he swears by it. He says it takes some time to get used to, but once you do, it clears you right out. His doctor gave it to him. One thing to keep in mind - it doesn’t work right away. I can’t remember if he said you have to do it once then wait a while, or do it a few times, but I definitely remember that it’s not like you just pour the crap in and all of a sudden you have a clear nose.

I myself swear by Sinutabs. They work better than conventional cold medicines when all you want is a quick clean out.

However, the very best cold medicine is Vicoden (sp?). I don’t know how he did it, but last time Mr. Athena had a cold and conjuctivitis at the same time, he managed to make the ER doc feel so sorry for him that he walked out with a prescription for Vicoden. Doesn’t do shit when it comes to clearing up physical symptoms, but it makes you so damn happy that you just don’t care that you have a cold.


Enough with the natural remedies, already. You need to breathe, for crying out loud. It’s chemicals, son, chemicals that will be your salvation. There is none better than Afrin for shooting up the old stuffy nostrils. Trust me, I have had a lot of experience lately.

I wish you well.

It’s a nasal passage cleaner!!! It’s a bong!!! Get yours now!!!

[sub]You just wanna be careful which you do first[/sub]


The best thing I’ve ever encountered was CS powder*. Burn a little of that and every orfice in your head will evacuate itself until nothing remains. Good luck getting any, though, unless you’re in the military. Try Nyquil at night and Vicks Vapor-Rub during the day. They’ve always worked pretty well for me.

[sub]*Think “tear gas” and multiply by 10.[/sub]

Eeesh! Rachelle. VaporRub right up your nose? My delicate nasal membranes are buning just to think it. But I guess it would work… And gasoline is so expensive…

Dragonblink’s baby snot sucker (nasal aspirator- see I do know the technical name) would work, but before you suck, squirt a big ol’ blast of saline up there first. They come in bottles like Afrin at your friendly local drugstore. Or Target.

Ruby’s Afrin would work, too. I had the problem of using too much once. It took me forever to wean myself off the stuff. I had a NeoSenefrin Monkey on my back. (Now there’s a blues song for ya.)

Dimetapp works for me, when the “saline and suck” aren’t enough. Drinking hot tea with honey helps. The steam from the tea helps break up the mucous and the honey coats your throat, which can get raw from the snot run. A shot of rum helps cut the snot out of the back of your throat. Enough rum and you don’t care if your can’t breathe.

Spicy food might get things moving, too.

Good luck.

That thing is properly called a neti pot.

Thank you very much for all of the great suggestions. Vicks makes a nasal inhaler so I snagged one of those and it seems to have done the trick. I wasn’t that hip on sticking a qtip of vapor rub in my nose so this is the next best thing. Thanks again. Hopefully I will be better soon.

Horseradish, buddy. Horseradish.

Get yerself a nice big roast beef sandwich and ladle on plenty of horseradish. And not that Arby’s Horsey Sauce crap either. Get some good old fashioned grated horseradish pickled in vinegar brine.

Bonus points if the label says “Polish Style.” That stuff is h-o-t hot.

And if it doesn’t clear your sinuses, the pain in your throat will take your mind off not breathing. :slight_smile:

Good luck,


Been there. Done that. Works great. And some antihistamines and decongestants can become less effective over time, so this might be an alternative. Hope you feel better.

Are the most surefire answer, but as has been pointed out, they are also addictive. Literally. I was a Dristan junkie for years in my youth. (Strangely enough, if you use inhaled decongenstents too much they cause congestion, go figure)

But damn…they * work * .


Are the most surefire answer, but as has been pointed out, they are also addictive. Literally. I was a Dristan junkie for years in my youth. (Strangely enough, if you use inhaled decongenstents too much they cause congestion, go figure)

But damn…they * work * .


Actually, I did have a doctor recommend this procedure to me (although without the device featured at that web site). He referred to it as “nasal douching.” I think that was all I needed to hear to know I’d never try it.