No matter how you vote, thank your poll workers

They work hard, they work all day and they work for peanuts. Let them know you appreciate them.

And at my polling place, with smiles on their faces!

Some of ours deserve more thanks than others today. When poll workers showed up at a local church this morning they found that someone had glued all of the doors shut and now they have the voting booths set up on the lawn until someone gets the doors open. Liberals outnumber conservatives here about 10 to 1 so republicans are getting blamed but it’s just as likely that our local anarchists from the university did it since the church is right next to the campus.

I’m working at a polling place in our very rural area and if more than one person at a time shows up it’s a crowd. Someone brought us fresh baked cookies to hand out to voters. Chances are that we’ll eat them all before anyone else shows up.

I always do thank them for performing a sacred trust.