No more NCAA games?

Interesting. I was always more of a Madden Guy, But NCAA was a nice alternative, just to have a contest between really, really bad teams.

It’s not entirely clear if this is the end of NCAA sports totally, or just with EA.

That kinda sucks. Quoting myself from an older thread about the game:

I really liked figuring out who’s the worst team in the game and building them up into a 5-star program. I built SMU into a powerhouse!

I find Madden eventually gets boring, just playing the same teams against each other forever.

Well liking the “constantly revolving roster of randomly generated players” is good thing :wink: Any college themed game after this year will consist entirely of them.

This Kotaku article seems to suggest all the team licensing and such is done through a private company–CLC. All that the NCAA was licensing was basically the word “NCAA” on the game and the box, so you’ll just see EA Release “College Football 2015”, with all the same teams you’ve always seen and all the conferences and bowl games etc. All of those entities do their own licensing, it isn’t like say, MLB which I believe has a collective licensing scheme in place so that say, the Yankees couldn’t create their own game that didn’t have the Mets or Marlins in it or vice versa.

Kind of unrelated, but did anyone catch that wonk Gladwell on GPS Sunday morning? This nut-job is advocating the abolition of college football! Dude has a fragile grasp on reality I think.

It’s all going to come down to how the O’Bannon case gets decided. I suspect some of the bigger schools may look at this and start to wonder what their liability might be. The game may be headed towards the “generic” player concept sooner rather than later unless a licensing/permissions deal with the players can be worked out.