No-No:s for adult men

Some things an adult male cannot do if he ever wants to be taken seriously

-Use the term “LOL”, no matter what circumstance
-Play videogames
-Update his facebook status once a day
-Respond to chain letters on email
-Read the horoscope
-Follow a soap-opera
-Call-in Vote for his favorite Pop Idol
-Be up to date with what celebrity is dating who


No grown man should aspire to follow some inane list.

I don’t know any adult males of my age group who don’t play video games. I question your logic.

I also question your logic.

And I question your questioning of his questioning…

I was agreeing with Smapti. I also question scamartistry’s logic.

Oh. See what trying to be a smartass gets me?

This shows you to be pretty out of touch with what men do. You might as well have put ‘masturbate’ in your no-no list.

News to every single adult man I know.

I also have to assume you apply this logic to women as well. What can’t women do if they want to be taken seriously? I hope we’re allowed to be gamers. Otherwise I’m in trouble.

Seriously, playing video games probably is a generational thing. If your list were labeled something like, “things that mark you as younger than 40”, it would make more sense. (FWIW, I’m in my fifties and have never played video games.)

When I was younger, there were similar sentiments expressed by men a generation older than me that no adult man (or “real” man) would wear sneakers with a suit, or use a blow dryer, or drive a Japanese car.

And I have to concur with Ike Witt: one of the things marking adulthood is reduced need for peer approval. So adults don’t generally make lists that castigate inconsequential things (like whether you play video games) as ‘uncool’, nor heed them.

Dancing the French Mistake.

Have similar chromosomes, I presume. So girly to insist on one’s chromosomes matching.


reads list

I agree - no man should listen to some stupid list to decide if he’s a man or not.

No, it’s true. I was playing video games while LOL’ing and my penis fell off.

scamartistry, how many roads are required?

How do all of the married adult men that you know view it?

Best wishes,

So what? Like three or four times a day then?

Can’t speak for olives, but most of the married men I know still occasionally play video games. Getting married isn’t supposed to mean giving up every frivolous thing you enjoy.