No one can see me on the network but I can see them!

Ok, so I have a computer on the network here at work that has a shared folder on it. I’ve turned permissions on so that everyone has read/write access to it. Now, when they go to the network they can see my computer but when they click on it, it says they do not have permission to access the computer and that the network path was not found.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, Surbey, make sure the stupid thing is plugged in! But it is. The reason I know this is because our network scanner is sending pdf’s from across the network to this folder. Also, I can see/access everyone else on the network.
So I can send information out, the scanner can send information in, but no one else can navigate to my computer, let alone the shared folder. Any ideas?

As this isn’t an edit, I’ll make a second post.

I just tried something and it works. But not the way I want it to. If I enter the IP address in the folder navigation, it can access it. Weird huh?

If you ping the computer name from one of the other PCs, does it reply with the correct IP address? Perhaps there is a conflict or some such. Or they could have old data in a HOSTS file or something silly.

Assuming your network uses a domain, have you tried removing it to a workgroup then re-joining? (You’ll need permission to join the domain.)

Guess: You may have the ability to set up permissions on a folder you (as a user) create, but you may not have set up the ability for folks to “remote browse” other workstations on the network.

I work on a government owned computer. I can “see” other computers hooked up to my segment of the network (by going to network neighborhood), but I cannot access them and browse their folders, shared or not, because remote browsing is disabled for standard users.

I have to submit a request to the network admin to get the permissions set to enable me to go to a shared drive.

k thanks, I’ll try it tommorow.

Sounds more like a DNS/WINS/network issue than permissions to me because you can access via the IP.

Having said that, we all know computer problems defy logic to Britney head-shaving proportions.

If the above doesn’t work, let us know the type of network and windows versions, etc.