No PayPal to Renew, Now What?

What does one do if they DO NOT have Pay Pal??? I have to renew by June 24th, and time is running out as I have a major family event for which to prepare. My Pay Pal account is defunct. Can one move money INTO pay pal? (My wife used to get paid by Pay Pal, but no more.) Or, will the StraightDope take a major credit card?
HELP! :eek:

And BTW, I have my PayPal account linked to my credit card, rather than a bank. The user interface for paying the SDMB for anything is horrible, but the payment function actually works.

If you have Venmo, you can use that, that’s what I did.

You can also use most any credit or debit card.

PayPal is NOT your only option; however, the PayPal COMPANY processes these transactions, so there’s PayPal signage all over.

Pay it no mind. Just use your card and go forward. Or Venmo, if that’s how you roll.

your humble TubaDiva