No really! Files: Obesity begins early.

“Surprising”? Really New York Times? No, expected and previously established.

Fat kids become fat teens become fat adults by and large (so to speak).

Not sure if this is the right forum because really I am just ranting. No this is not new and not surprising. And while poor interventions, aimed at the kids alone, are ineffective, it is not true that the horse has left the barn and that only expensive interventions work. The key for intervention and prevention both is focusing on the family as the environment to control. And it is working. Childhood obesity rates are not only no longer increasing; they are decreasing.

Yes, it takes promoting healthy eating habits from even before birth (what pregnant mom eats matters) on. Yes it takes consistent messaging across systems and supporting healthy choices in the kids’ environments (including but not restricted to schools) but it has been happening and it is beginning to show real results.

“Surprising” that the best way to deal with adult obesity long term is prevent it from occuring in the first place by preventing *kids *from becoming obese? Gimmee a break.