No Slavery- No War?

In the Great Debates area, there is a discussion called “Sectionalism And The Civil War” (and I hope someone who knows HTML or UBB can set up a link to it).

Just before the discussion veered off into the question of personal liberties and the source therein, Jois asked the question “If slavery had not existed, would there still have been a Civil War?”

Any takers on this?

Personal opinion: Unlikely at best (that there would be a Civil War, not that there will be any takers on this topic). The issue of States’ Rights was used as a stalking horse by the pro-slavery contingent; without slavery as a major dividing issue, the pro-States’ Rights forces would never have gained the power and strength that they did.

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I think the Civil War was the outcome of economic competition between North & South, fueled by the moral issue of slavery, but not caused by it alone. If (let’s say) the South had developed an agrarian system that depended on something closer to indentured servitude or sharecropping (in which those doing the physical labor entered into the arrangement voluntarily) instead of slavery, I think the two regions might have still become polarized as the balance of power in Congress swung to favor the North, which could then pass laws that would be to their advantage at the expense of the South, which would then complain of exploitation. The two regions had different economies, with the South producing the raw materials and the North doing processing and manufacturing, and this, not slavery per se, led to the initial regional polarizations in Congress.

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I agree with AHunter. Bear in mind that the Southern states were reluctant to allow George Washington (or anyone, for that matter) to become President of the new country because they were wary of any form of centralized, federal government. Slavery was certainly the issue which ignited the war, but it was not the cause.

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