"No spam" ?

What is the significance of this on a web page. You tend to see it on older-looking, clunky sites, so I assume is some holdover from ancient times.

Link? Example? Anything at all to help us out?

Are you referring to munged email addresses (for example JoeNoSpamBloggs[at]hotmail[dot]com )?

If so, it’s an attempt (possibly not a very effective one) to expose an email address to human eyes, but make it illegible to programs designed to harvest emails automatically - the reasoning (possibly unsound) being that the human will be able to work out that NoSpam isn’t part of the name, and that [at] and [dot] are to be replaced with the symbols they describe.

Without more context you aren’t going to get good answers. Is it a link that goes to page full of email addresses? If that’s it, it’s a honeypot full of bogus addresses designed to poison spammer email address databases by filling them with dross. (I don’t think the database compilers much care, but the people they sell them to might.)

I’m not referring to “no spam” in an e-mail address, but rather the appearance of this as a standalone statement on a web page. I think it’s sometimes presented as the word “Spam” surrounded by a red circle with a diagonal red line across it.

It comes across as a simple declaration that “Spam is bad” - but what value does that have?

I ran across this recently, but have lost the link. I’ll see if I can dig it up.

If the site has a newsletter you can sign up for (or even register for the site’s other features), I’d wager it’s their way of claiming if you sign up, they won’t sell your email and/or you won’t get spam as a result.

Are you finding this on sites by ConAgra, Kraft, or Tyson?

I think the OP is referring to this logo.