No Sunday baseball game

Yesterday there was no scheduled home game for the Tampa Bay Rays (vs. A’s) as the stadium was going to be used by the Republic Party for their convention (though they opted not to do so after all due to weather). I was wondering how long ago was the last time two teams did not have a Sunday baseball game scheduled during the season – except possibly very early in the season. I am asking about schedules obviously, not things like rain outs canceling games. I know it’s happened since some cities or states used to ban Sunday baseball under their Blue Laws, but I think that hasn’t happened since the very early 1900s.

I doubt it has been that long. Remember, in the 1960s-1980s many teams shared their stadium with a pro football team.

Seems like I remember that the San Diego Chargers were the lead tenant at the old Jack Murphy Stadium. I think once back in the 1980s, the St Louis Cardinals had an off day on a Saturday in series against the San Diego Padres. Granted a Saturday is not a Sunday- but there may have been other MLB-NFL scheduling conflicts over that period of time.

Re: Sunday blue laws, this site says no Sunday baseball in Philadelphia until 1934 Baseball Zealot

ISTM that if there’s a football game, then the baseball team would just be scheduled to play on the road that weekend.