No swearing in Russia? F that.

So, something I heard on NPR, and found on CNN, Russia bans cussing in films, books, music

This will go into effect July 1.

Yeah, F that, right in the A.

You tell’em

Well, then, how can the state media carry any stories about Vladimir Putain? :slight_smile:

In all seriousness, I wasn’t sure if swearing is allowed in thread titles.

But I’m sure it’s fucking fine in the thread.

So that’s what Ted was singing about.

Yob tvoyu mat.

(Russians are some of the filthiest-tongued people I have ever known - trying to outlaw swearing in Russia would be like trying to outlaw cold.)

In Cryptosoviet Russia, moving into 20th century take long way around.

I recall reading in something by Solzhenitsyn, his musings on this issue, to the general effect of “in a country where every other person has undergone an intensive army or forced-labour-camp course in bad language, what do you expect?” I consider that old Aleksandr was – understandably – sometimes a bit biased: he tended to feel that absolutely everything negative about Russia was a direct consequence of Communism, and that all there pre-1917 had been sweetness and light.

I imagine it’s just a convenient excuse to censor Western media, ideas and cultural influence on the citizens of Russia. Perhaps just one step in a long line of bringing the people back under control of the state.

While the cutter I was on was performing a fisheries inspection on a Soviet fishing trawler/factory ship, I told some crewmembers that that phrase was Russian for “Have a nice day.” :smiley:

So does this mean that we’ll add the f-word to the pledge of allegiance and start printing it on money like we did with “God” back in the 50’s.

Will they also be banned from dashcam traffic videos on YouTube? That’s where I learn all my Russian swear words.

[Yakov Smirnov] In Russia, country swear at YOU![/Yakov Smirnov]

I find it interesting that “officials” get a 43% discount on the initial fine. Is that because those who work for the system have more reason to curse?

I seriously doubt most government officials will get fined at all. I’m positive the military will be exempt.

I wonder what this does to Pussy Riot. Unless foreign swears are excluded, their very name will be outlawed. Of course to punk artists, that’s probably the highest praise they can get. Assuming they can avoid fines and jail.

I thought their name referred to a riot by cute little kittens … :wink:

I would totally support replacing “In God We Trust” with “America! Fuck Yeah!” on the money.

I love the thought of that. You gave me a good laugh. :smiley:

I think the OP means “Ф that.”