No Taxes On Private Property. Where?

I’m following a debate on another board about municipal taxes and one poster said “Some countries don’t charge ANY taxes to private property”.

I’ve tried asking for a cite in the past and no one gave me anything. So now I turn to Dopers for the answer.

Is this true? Or is it one of those statements that’s only true after being spun and taken out of context?

This seems to suggest that Hong Kong does not have an ad valorem property tax like the local property taxes that are almost ubiquitous in the United States and throughout Canada (I know of no area in the United States that doesn’t assess property taxes, but maybe somewhere doesn’t.)

If the link means what I think it means, it would seem that in Hong Kong you do not have to pay property tax (at least on real estate) unless you derive rental income from the property, and then the rental income is taxed–which would mean it isn’t really a property tax at all, but an income tax.

I don’t know if this answers your question but according to this site about Alaska taxes

mesa arizona

The only tax we have here is the departure tax at the airport. Some would say the best possible way to spend money.

Building off Groman’s link:

My understanding is that for most (if not all) States in the Union property taxes are levied by the local gov’ts - City, town or village, and sometimes the county as well. If one is living in an unincorporated area - that is a place that doesn’t have an official local gov’t - property taxes aren’t levied.

Of course one also won’t recieve the services that one gets in return for the property taxes, either: Local fire, police protection, schools, and road maintenance to name a few.