No Time to Die - James Bond [SPOILERS INCLUDED]

It’s the Monday after the release and I find no thread. Somehow I believe that my searching fu is just bad, or maybe we just don’t have that many Bond fans here. If it is the former, please just merge this with the existing thread.


Good finale for Daniel Craig as Bond. Craig is starting to show his age (currently 53, but was probably 51-52 when filmed). I can fully see why he wanted to move away from the role.

Storyline continues the arc from the past few Bond movies with Blofeld and Madeline Swann in place.

We learn that James and Madeline have a daughter together and the new villain (Safin) shares a past with Swann.

BIG SPOILER - Bond saves the world at the end of the movie…but dies doing so.

It is clear that he dies as missiles land in his location. We see his body engulfed in the ensuing explosion, and MI6 toasts to his death back at the HQ. Movie ends, credits roll.

At the end of the credits, just like in every James Bond film since Diamonds Are Forever, the screen says - - “James Bond Will Return”, not 007, but James Bond

So either, he didn’t die, which seems implausible to the storyline of the movie…

…or the Broccili’s plan to introduce a new actor to play James Bond and we ignore all of the plot lines of the Daniel Craig era, and maybe there has been no continuity when a new actor takes over as Bond.

…or maybe “James Bond” is a codename that is assigned to particular 00’s. But that would contradict the storyline within Skyfall.

Whatever it is, it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

That’s how I’ve understood all the reporting about the end of this era of Bond. The next James Bond film will be some kind of reboot. Similar to how they’ve transitioned from one actor to the next in the past, excepting that until the Craig version of Bond, they never really made an effort to tell an ongoing story, nor have they killed the character.

I saw it last weekend and thought it was quite a weak entry. I put my thoughts in another thread but they are relevant here

Deeply, meh I’m afraid. Nowhere near as good as “Skyfall” or “Casino Royale”

It looked quite nice and the opening sequence and “Paloma” were highpoints but there weren’t that many.
The plot was bonkers (more so than usual), somewhat muddled and couldn’t sustain the length of the film. The 007 replacement wasn’t convincing, the theme tune was a dismal dirge (I cannot remember any of it) and the villain was utterly forgettable, made worse by comparison to Christoph Waltz who had a good chunk of screen time and I was hoping for more.
Worst of all was the ending? I won’t spoiler it but really ?
There seems to have been a decision taken that Bond should no longer be Bond and some sort of redemptive and emotional arc is needed, well, OK if that’s what you want to do with it but if that’s the path they are taking it doesn’t really interest me.

I prefer for Bond to kill bad guys, spar with the villain, foil a crazy plan, shag beautiful women and escape impossible situations. Solid escapist nonsense, rather than angsty bollocks. NTTD was a solid enough action film but it didn’t feel like a Bond Film.

Just saw the movie over the weekend, and really liked it. I knew the spoiler about the ending from here and elsewhere; it didn’t spoil the movie, and it fit the story well.

Some random thoughts:

The Cuban segment seemed like a brief callback to the less-serious Bond of prior decades, not that there’s been no humor in the Craig movies. Eyeballs (especially Blofeld addressing his birthday party remotely by eyeball & nobody at MI6 realizing he was taking meetings when he was talking to himself in his cell), “Spectre bunga-bunga,” Ana DeArmas’s character, and Bond’s escape with the scientist from 007 and the Cuban police, were comic and at points slapstick.

How did Safin not realize Bond was about to pull something when he abjectly kowtowed in (false) apology?! He didn’t demand or even ask Bond to do so, it was totally “over the top,” and I was sure from the first moment that Bond was only taking that stance to draw a weapon or gadget, which of course he did.

How the hell did M not lose his job considering how much he royally screwed up by resting so much of his already ethically problematic* Heracles plan on a dodgy turncoat scientist? He kept putting off calling the Prime Minister until it was absolutely necessary at least in part because he knew he’d get into some serious shit for his screwup, which oddly enough he didn’t (at least on-screen). He also had to keep putting off the Japanese and Russians at a key moment, which meant putting off firing on the island until almost the last minute, at least partially because he couldn’t admit the full depth of the situation. To be fair, Bond rightfully didn’t want him to mention Heracles so that nobody else knew it existed. But IMHO M could’ve said something more if he personally had nothing to hide. When he said “let’s get back to work” after toasting Bond near the end of the movie, I was thinking “maybe not you” :roll_eyes: but again he suffered no consequences on-screen.

Speaking of Heracles, it bears a considerable resemblance to Project Insight from the Marvel movies. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: The head of a spy agency secretly develops a weapon to very selectively and remotely kill only the desired targets, irresistibly like a bolt from the blue and essentially without collateral damage. However, the biggest enemy and target of that spy agency steals the secret weapon to hijack it for its own purposes, and instead it will be used to impose a dictatorship by rapidly, remotely, and irresistibly decapitating any resistance.

*Not just the whole extrajudicial playing-God thing, as that’s inherent in the 00 business, but (1) it can’t be recalled once targeted, as the nanobots will be out in the world essentially forever, (2) it’s utterly unstoppable if it falls into the wrong hands, and pure chaos if it falls into more than one set of wrong hands, and (3) it killed family members of the target as well as the target him/herself. (2) is sorta one of the points of the movie; the fact that M couldn’t let the Russians or Japanese know about it illustrates that the prospect of someone – actually, pretty much anyone – else having Heracles is infinitely larger a problem than the ability to kill reliably and remotely is worth.

I thought the movie was the best Daniel Craig one. Actiony without being too stupid. But…

nanobots? Seriously? They’re more science fiction than warp drive. Self-replicating technology that can be programed to test and match DNA? Come on! Not to mention that such a technology has more application than just killing people. You have a cancer cure, in your hands! But, it’s always easier to destroy than build.

Not to mention, “growing” them? And they aren’t killed my magik EMP watches? They should be. (Speaking of, where DO they get their power? teeny tiny batteries, that never need recharging?)

That’s OK, Bond’s earwig wasn’t blown into his brain when the EMP went off. Must be super hardened, like the Aston Martin.

The biggest problem for me was I forgot who Madeline was. I spent the first third of the movie trying to figure out why I should care about her. Once I got home and reread the summation of Spectre, I’m like, OK the first part makes much more sense!

One thing about these modern Bonds - in the old days, Bond battled world-threatening villains. Now he battles his own angst.