No Wonder Gonzales Didn't Seem To Have A Clue!

According to Murray Waas:

Gonzo put himself ‘out of the loop.’ Dayum.

Not sure what the debate is, but when I read “with the approval of the Attorney General” that doesn’t sound like taking himself out of the loop.


It doesn’t seem that the order would apply to U.S. Attorneys, who do require Senate confirmation.

Not if you include those newfangled indefinite-interim type appointments.

Exactly. They used to require Senate confirmation. By spring of last year, they were already making Patriot Act appointments.

Oh, he approved them alright; he just didn’t participate in the process in any meaningful way besides signing off at the end.

From the horse’s mouth:

And who can forget the 90-second performance review:

Also, it seemed to me like it was time for a sequel to the original DoJ scandal thread. That one was getting a bit long.