No you don't need my cell phone number!

Who is the “them”? Long story short, I had to deal with three different state agencies to get mine. My state has sort of a vaccine passport, and when it first came out, I couldn’t get mine because my record couldn’t be verified with the dept of health. I had been vaccinated at work (state agency) and at first assumed that rather than putting the zip code where I lived in the record that went to the Dept of Health , they had instead either used the zip code where I was actually vaccinated or the zip code of my agency’s central office, but those didn’t work either. The IT agency couldn’t help me as they couldn’t see the actual record. Finally a few weeks later, I managed to email someone helpful at the Dept of Health who was able to see the records, and told me that the problem was that the records were sent to DOH without my address. S/he entered the correct info into my record and I was able to get the pass the next day. Months later, the agency location where the vaccinations were administered emailed everyone asking for their address so it could be added to the DOH record. Why it took months when I told them about the issue right away, I don’t know ( other than "state agency).

So if the “them” who needs your cellphone number is the DOH try to contact someone there ( if there is specific contact info for an immunization registry, that might be the best place) or see if the provider who vaccinated you can amend the record sent to the state.

I asked my doctor to add my cell phone number to the state registry. He can add my vaccines, so odds are he can modify other stuff. I haven’t heard back. To be honest, my mom has covid and I’ve been more wrapped up in dealing with that than with my own stuff.

If they can’t verify that you had your shots, just get another one. Get it at a different place. Maybe they will send up a record that works.