Nobody ever went broke . . .

“Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.”

  • H. L. Mencken

Proof positive:

That’ll buy a lot of clothes.

I agree. USA Today is very simplistic.

Oh, you meant for me to click the link?

There was a great line in the movie “Lions for Lambs” in which a cynical newsman (or woman…can’t recall) says, basically, when a politician categorically denies running for office, they are running for that office. Tom Cruise’s character parrots the statement at the end of the film with a smarmy little smile.

I have a feeling we’ll be getting a lot of that from her camp for the foreseeable future.

Menken was often right.
Please note that my use of the weasel word, “often,” means I never have to defend my statement, nor even read, this thread.

**Ludovic **wins thread! :smiley:

“In the post-war era, two were born every minute.” -PJ O’Rourke

Actually, some did. Check out High Weirdness by Mail.

It’s as though two-tenths of one percent of the population of the United States each donated one dollar toward her cause*—can nothing stop the Palin juggernaut?

  • As figured by VT, whose math skills plummeted somewhere around 9th grade when he began leering at girls and scribbling on desks in earnest. Be gentle.

I think you mean 1/5. Which is all the math skill Rigby possesses, having given math up as a bad job and a useless thing sometime in 6h grade. It never made any damned sense to me, it never will and no amount of math defending and advocacy will make me change my mind.

<joins** VT** on bench, awaiting mob action>

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No, the proof positive was Obama’s election.

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That would actually be a counter example, since we rejected the McCain / Palin ticket and went with the candidate who spoke to us like adults.

Like I’ve said before tell that line to all the bailed out financial institutions.

Isn’t that kinda the way he looks just about all the time when he’s “acting.”

I have no dog in this fight, but the juxtaposition of the two phrases I’ve highlighted above made me chuckle.

I checked your link, and have a copy of the actual book. But I don’t see how the “not going broke” part figures in.

I read the link too, and my head is still spinning: