Nobody from west africa has 25 mil to send me, so shut the hell up

I’m getting one or two of these a day… Some political leader, business man, or crack whore has a shitload of cash but they need ME a random person they mass e-mailed, to send them a “small” amount of cash (yeah, small compaired to the 25 mil), maybe a few thou, to “release” their cash… then we can all ride off into the sunset and sit on chairs made of piles of money.
Fuck you.

I’m tired of "My name is Mrs Helen Edward, a citizen of
Sierra-Leone and the wife of late Mr Johnson Edward
who before his death was the manager of Sierra-Leone
Gold and Diamond Corporation ( SGDC). "


And they close with this…

Yeah? Fuck off.

You got that one, too? I have read, I thing on these boards, that it is extremely dangerous to respond–apparently there is some chance that you will end up dead.

Dead, or worse.

I like what Scott Adams said about these damn Nigerian scam letters:

"Here’s a fun hobby of mine: When I get e-mail spam that includes an 800-number, I save the number for later. Then when one of the hundreds of Nigerian scam e-mails hits my e-mail box, I reply enthusiastically and give the 800-number of the spammer as my own. I feel that people in the DNRC have a responsibility to introduce A-holes to each other.”

I get those letters come across the fax machine at work, all the time. We have a binder where we have saved some of the best ones.

I like Adams thinking!

I have thought of using them for those scammers that want your credit card number…

Well, the best response I have ever seen to a Nigerian email scam is this little gem. Absolutely brillant.

Heh, I got one recently from the son of former and now deceased President Mobutu of Zaire (now Republic of Congo), “may his soul rest in perfect peace.” Sure, I’d be happy to lend the son of a former dictator a helping hand. :rolleyes:

You’ve all seen this, haven’t you:

3rd Annual Nigerian E-Mail Conference

Maybe it was those guys that took my kidneys…

Nobody beats on those scammers like this guy:

Well worth the read.