Nobody pay your credit card bills!

If nobody pays their credit card bill, then the gov will step in to save Capitol One.
Who’s with me?


I refuse to use Capitol One because of their strange credit reporting practices, so my paying not paying my bills would only fuck over Discover and Chase.

Oh, I am so totally down. I think I’m not going to pay my interne

Cap One deserves to die a painful death for all of the squirrely things that they do to consumers’ credit reports.

They’re one of the less ethical companies out there. Sadly, what they do is just barely within the letter of the law, so you have no recourse when they report your credit line as equal to your balance, resulting in the scoring systems seeing that you’ve got your credit line maxed out 100%.

Another thing I’ve seen them do is “forgive” someone’s balance if work with any of the agencies out there that advertise how they’ll work with your creditors to reduce balances, reduce interest rates, etc., but report it as “legally charged off” which is another score killer that will haunt the unwitting person for seven years.

I don’t have a credit care bill. Can I instead not mow my yard?

Sounds good. You go first.

I’m already there.

I just need you guys to catch up.

Me too! I’ve been supporting this cause for quite some time now…

:confused: I’ve always payed my credit card bills.

Unfortunately, this just means that the government owns your debt and your still on the hook. The wealthy have actually figured out how to justify welfare for themselves while depriving the workers of healthcare and housing.

What the hell do you care if they save Capitol One or not?

I don’t have a credit-card bill or a yard. Can I watch them go down in flames instead?

I’m way ahead of you, Zeeba.

Maybe we all should just stop spending more money than we actually have?

(By ‘we’, I mean not just us in this thread but, you know, people.)

(Proposed by someone carrying well north of 50k in student debt.)

ETA: why in god’s name am I getting an ad for an invisible fence company apparently advertising cat beds in this thread?

If someone has their balance reduced, why shouldn’t their credit score suffer? If the customer accepts a balance reduction, he or she is a bad risk, and their credit score should reflect that.

How do you rent a car?

I like my bank, they have cute (and super-nice) tellers. Plus, my bill comes out to something like $30 right now.

Prepaid Mastercard. Load it up with cash.