Nobody - the Bob Odenkirk action movie (open spoilers)

Watching this right now with my wife. Bob Odenkirk developed the movie, though I see he is not actually the screenwriter.

I guess it is kind of a John Wick movie, which is the movie I keep seeing it compared to. It’s really good and Bob Odenkirk is amazing in it. By the time his first actual action scene happens on the bus, we were really into it.

Anyone else see this? Available on Amazon right now(you have to pay for it).

Looks decent, I’ll suggest it to Mr. Beetle.

Christopher Lloyd in an action sequence is something I know was cheesy, but I loved it. He was 80 when they filmed this.

I thought it was an interesting idea and I like Odenkirks work, but not for $20 to stream it. I wish I could just see it as a saturday matinee at the local cinema for $5. Ah well.

It’s written by the same screenwriter, so I would say it’s more than “kind of.” The guy has also contributed to the new Falcon & Winter Soldier show, and dipped into the same storytelling tricks for his episode. I think we can tell what he likes writing about.

Thanks, I did not realize it had the same screenwriter. I belive Bob Odenkirk developed it, but I guess they went out and found the real guy.

In this movie, “you killed my dog” became “you stole my daughter’s kitty bracelet” and I noticed the similarity.

Not reading though this thread because it advertises open spoilers, but I will say, though I like Bob Odenkirk, and I think his Saul Goodman character is a perfect fit for him, I have a hard time imagining him as a badass killer.

Then again, there may have been a time I thought that about Keanu Reeves as well.

Hell, I guess with the proper movie magic, anything is possible. Steve Buscemi has played many types of amoral characters, but you wouldn’t think of him as your first choice to play an almost unstoppable hitman killing machine, and yet he did it pretty convincingly in “Things to do in Denver when you’re Dead”.

I think in a way, that was the premise of the movie. It works great.

I loved the hell out of this. I particularly enjoyed the two scenes where the only people to wise up to Hutch’s identity noped out immediately. That, and when he produced that kitten from out of his jacket.

Edit: I really appreciated the Hutch wasn’t some precision violence machine that wiped out the opponents with surgical precision. He didn’t just take down a dozen enemies and walk away unscathed. The bus scene, in particular,

The tattoo parlor was great. They are all tough and then that one guy sees his tattoo and says, “Thank you for your service,” and leaves, locking the doors behind him. The owner of the tattoo parlor did a great, “If he’s scared, I should be terrified,” look.

Yes! Exactly! The hitch in his voice when he asked “How can I help you?” the second time was perfect.

Did you notice in the nursing home scene where the two thugs come to take out Hutch’s father that he has the same tattoo on his wrist? You see it when he holds up the tv remote.

I did not. They did a great job, though. Using Chris Llloyd could be over-the-top silly, but it was well made and ended up being awesome without being “oh come on, that’s stupid”.

I saw that Chris Lloyd insisted on carrying full-weight shotgung, etc. on his own with no help or lighter props. I asked my wife and now I’ll ask you all:

  • Has Christopher Lloyd every gotten to be the action-star in a big gun shooting sequence? He has a great action scene on the train at the end of Back the Future III and he rides off with the girl in that one, but has he ever gotten to be the cool-action-guy like he did at the end of this?

I really liked this movie but…there’s no way in hell someone could mistake a shotgun blast for a TV with the volume turned up too loud.

Yeah, that’s a stretch for sure.

Couple other nitpicks… first, that Challenger is mentioned as having a 4.9 liter V-8. Nobody talks about 60s and 70s era muscle cars in terms of liters, that car would have had a 318 or a 340, both of which are 5+ liter engines anyway.

Second, when Hutch recounts his assassination story and says he had a Walther PPK and then corrects himself and says it was an HK .45, the slide clearly says it’s a 9mm.

Very much like John Wick. Christopher Lloyd makes it reminiscent of Red as well. I enjoyed it, the direction of the movie was clear so it was easy to sit back and watch it unfold. There was a little bit of mystery about who this guy was, but no great detail was needed because it’s a familiar role now.

They’ve set up Nobody 2, I expect to see it before long.

First movie I’ve seen in theaters for like a year and a half. Enjoyed it, but it was thematically very confused.

It seemed to think it was John Wick, but John Wick is amazingly pure in terms of theme and motivation. Obnoxious, irredeemable little shit stomped a puppy to death. A fucking puppy! It’s almost comically pure in terms of telling us who to root for and what the story will be. John reluctantly gets back into that world because of that. Totally pure revenge motive, one of the simplest stories you can tell.

In comparison, Nobody is kind of weird. Okay, so… Odenkirk was sort of dragged back into that life… he restrains himself from killing burglars threatning his family because he judged them to be desperate/no real threat because there was no ammo in the gun. Okay. But then he can’t let it go because of the kitty bracelet… which is something his daughter would forget about soon enough and not exactly murdering your dead wife’s last gift puppy, but… okay, so be it. But then he sees they have a baby with an oxygen mask and has a change of heart and gives up getting revenge on them. Alright. That thread kind of came to an end right there. But I guess Hutch really wanted to kill someone, so he’s gonna kill someone.

So then he has a chance encounter with the drunk Russians. They don’t do anything to him. It’s hinted that they’re going to get very aggressive with the girl on the bus, but they don’t really even have time to do that. It’s clear before they even get on the bus that Hutch is desperately looking to get into a fight. So he doesn’t exactly pick the fight with them, and they are drunk driving assholes, but the motives are kind of fuzzy here. He was looking for a fight and got it - they didn’t really victimize him - he’s not really getting revenge on the Russians, he just wants to murder people.

But the rest of the movie plays out like he’s on a John Wick style revenge streak except Hutch is the dude egging on most of the violence and clearly desperately wants to keep getting reasons to keep killing people. So… it’s a lot harder to root for him than it is for John Wick, but the movie seems like it’s set up to make him really sympathetic… it’s kind of a weird mix of themes and motivations.

It was also a little weird in that it mostly tried to be realistic-ish and gritty and yet had very silly moments like the 80 year old badass Christopher Lloyd.

His job also doesn’t really make sense. They were hinting he was a Jason Bourne style super spy or whatever… but when he described his own job… he located someone who was doing some skimming off a military contract and murdered him in cold blood. That sort of thing doesn’t require super spy skills at all. The “auditor” thing really didn’t make sense.

The beats were too similar to John Wick. Russian mob, attacking their money holding operations, having everyone react extremely to what a badass the character is - the scene where the hacker girl discovers a bunch of pictures of him with the Nobody code name(?) and says “I’m out”, and the tattoo recognizing guy - even the home invasion scene is right out of John Wick. I get it, it’s the same screen writer, but it’s not cool to just write the same shit every time.

If it was a movie about a natural born killer who can’t hack family life… it does a weird way of setting itself like a John Wick tale of revenge, and if it’s trying to be a John Wick pure revenge story, it’s kind of weird that it’s about a guy that really wants to kill people and lucks into bad guys falling into his lap.

Fun, I like Odenkirk, but… kinda weird.

Also why didn’t his family notice all the security features that were built into the house like the basement security or the single switch for power control.

You hit the nail on the head, SenorBeef, good points.

My review was just going to say that I didn’t like how they glorified the gun violence in the finale. I mean, very obviously John Wick glorifies it too, but at least that character is not supposed to be doing it all out of blood lust, unlike Hutch and friends seem to be.

But after reading your comments, I realize that a lot of the reason I probably started to feel uncomfortable during the finale was because of all of the contradictory and non sequitur moments that led to it. Prior to the finale, it’s a somewhat enjoyable movie, as it is at least quite unpredictable. And you assume it will start to come together and make more sense later.
But as you get close to the end, you realize that it’s just a bunch of different action movies edited together, and it’s gonna finish with John Wick and Home Alone.

That describes it well. It sort of jumps from a parody of one movie to another.

I will say, up to the bus attack it was a much better movie. It was good throughout, but I was ready to cheer when he fought the bad guys on the bus. After that, it was only a good or OK movie.