nocturnal_tick's Better Happy Birthday for harmless

I have been challenged!!!

From here

Well, what do ya think of this?
Happy Birthday harmless
It’s your birthday today,
It’s your birthday today,
I am better than kitten
Have a fun time tonight,

And you smell like one too…hehe


Hmm…only one color on the “happy birthday”, huh? Hmm…doesn’t seem like a whole lotta effort put into that one… :dubious:

(Hey, c’mon, she’s my wife, fercryin’outloud! I gotta stick up for her!) :smiley:

:mad: ARRRRRRGH! :mad:
Oh who am I kidding? Women have better colour sense and forward planning.

You win this time, kittenlm. Bum! Bum! Bum! Buuuuuum! :dubious:
That’s my evil eye. Man I couldn’t even give a good evil eye. Women are so much better than us Hal

Ha! I knew I could get at least one man to admit this in my lifetime!!

Yes, tick, you are correct.
Excellent job, Revolutionary Brother!
They certainly are better than us.
With this kind of positive reenforcement, they’ll be nicely lulled.
In every single way.
And then, when they least expect it, we will enact Operation Stepford!
Yup, no doubt about it.

I know I am correct, Hal
Damn it, Agent 66, speak in man-code.
Women like kitten will always be smarter than us men.
It-quay eaking-spay out-abay the an-play.
Yup. Very, very very much smarter.
Epford-stay is o-gay. Ove-may oo-tay ase-phay ree-thay
So much smarter in fact that I should just say it again. Smarter.

Wow…you guys really think you are sooo smart, don’t you??? Hmmm???

I can highlight white writing, ya know. And I can also speak your “code”.

So, yep…still smarter than you!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I think one birthday thread’s enough.

Happy Birthday Harmless!!

Cajun Man
for the SDMB