Noisy vent cover

In yesterdays hurricane our new stovetop vent was making annoying flapping noises at the exterior wall, where it exits the house. What type of vent cover would be expected to be the quietest.

the self-closing vents need to open with the pressure of the exhaust fan. the same force from the outside will open them.

during the storm cover the vent (tape will work) and don’t use the vent.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Please try to stay strong through this difficult time.

Wow Colophon. I did not realize how totally stupid my comment sounded until you pointed it out.


I hope I didn’t come across too snarky. Just I’ve been watching pictures on TV here in the UK of the Atlantic pouring into subway tunnels, electricity substations exploding in glorious technicolor, waves washing the New Jersey coast half way to Ohio, etc, so this thread did make me laugh…

I was at a Cat-5 once[sup]*****[/sup], 20 miles away from where the eye made landfall. I don’t think I would have even noticed what the OP described. This thread rather amused me…


*[sub]Easily Googleable sources, now, and news accounts then, are/were contradictory on when it had declined to a 3. It may have been only a 4 or 3 when it got to me. Regardless, I can testify from personal experience that you cannot remain standing in winds that strong. And crawling is a bit of a problem. Playing ‘snake’ works best. Oh, and if your girlfriend wants you to go out and rescue the cat she thought she heard? Don’t bother. It’ll be in the next county before you can get out the door. So will the door. And if you do try anyway, don’t try to keep the storm door from ripping off. The risk to your relationship is not as great as the risk to your life.[/sub]