nokia N-Gage

should i buy one?

im leaning towards yes. i need a phone desperately (im living with my sister, so i cant get phone calls after 9. no one will leave a message for me either because they get all weirded out that its her name and voice on the phone. ) and i am not in a position to get my own land line. so i figure a cellphone is the best way to go. i also want an MP3 player, and sometimes a gaming device. so i figure ngage is the way to go. anyone own one? any one know anyone that owns one?

i can get one for 129$ which is quite reasonable. let me knwo what you think.

and yes i know that my grammar and sentance structure is that of a 10 yearold , but cut me some slack

…It sucks.

It. Sucks.

Get a phone, or get a GBA. Don’t settle for the worst of both worlds.

You can get phones with builtin MP3 players, and phones that you can download games with.

The games are supposed to be decent. As a phone, though, it’s a joke. Clunky, oversized and with a tacky plastic finish. The speaker and mouthpiece are also on the edge of the phone, so it looks like a 1980s brick when you hold it up to your ear.

The games are decent? So far all the reviews have been mediocre.

the only positive reviews ive read are on everywhere else says that this thing BITES it. so im pretty much at the point where im gonna not buy it and start looking elsewhere

I haven’t seen any reviews. All I have to go on is my own limited experience with them on a friend’s phone.

Not only is the N-Gage too ugly to use as a phone, but it’s GSM. Come on, the Europeans are stuck with GSM, but as an American you’re better off with CDMA. :slight_smile:

i need a GSM phone unfortunately , TMOBILE is the only carrier that will give me access because of my credit and my past fuck up with a cellphone (cingular) 3 years ago. they need me to buy a unlocked GSM phone