NOLS leadership


I’m sorry my computer is about 73 (in computer years) and it can’t perform any simple tasks without conking out.

The reason I started this thread was to see if anyone knew about NOLS leadership. How does one get certified? How much does it pay (I’m not looking for a lucrative career, just curious)? Is it interesting? You know, those kind of questions.

My reasoning is that I want to do it for a couple of years after I graduate from college.

I meant that I want to be a NOLS instructor, I think I might have been somewhat ambiguous.

I’d say you’ve been mighty ambiguous. Would you care to say what NOLS means? Nearly Overt Linguistic Spasms, or what?

National Organisation of Labour Students? I suppose not. Sorry - you’ll have to tell us what it is - ignorance requiring fighting here!


OK _ got it - National Outdoor Leadership School. Can’t help you though :frowning:

Is their website any use?

I’m pretty sure that you have to take their NOLS Instructor course. As I remember it, offers of employment are made based on perfrmance in the course.

Have you taken a NOLS course? Unless you’re “somebody,” I think that’s a pre-requisite for taking the Instructor course.

The Mandatory NOLS Instructor Course.