Non-American/British Links To Popular Singers/Bands In Other Countries

Looking for singing stars in other countries that I would never normally hear about. And by “stars”, I mean people who are well-known in their country with multiple hits.

I will begin.

Here is a link to Angelika Milster, a woman I know in Germany who I think has a great voice. You can click on her English version of the website and go to the music selection to hear snippets from her many CD’s. She has been around for ages and is hardly cutting-edge, but I think she is quite talented, even if you don’t understand German.

So, give some links (with song excerpts) to singers/bands in foreign countries who have made a name for themselves there, but most likely are unfamiliar to American/British audiences.

To start, I’ll nominate the Canadian rockstar couple of Chantal Kreviazuk and Raine Maida.

Better known as those people who have helped churn out hits for Kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavigne and, more recently, Cheyenne Kimball, they both have had pretty successful and moderately high-profile careers in Canada.

Chantal has had a reasonable solo career making harmonic piano pop and Raine is the frontman for rock band Our Lady Peace.

Whether or not they’re particularly good is up to the listener, but they are pretty good examples, IMO.

Zazie is a French pop-rock artist who writes consistently good, intelligent songs. As a former model, she’s easy on the eye as well.

Teri Moïse’s self-titled album (Amazon link ) doesn’t have a single bad song on it.

If you like Angelika Milster (and do you have her CD with the two German covers of songs from “Chess”?), you probably like Katja Ebstein.