Non Biblical documents about 10BC - 30AD Palestine [corrected for spelling]

I was wondering, what documentation exists about Pallestine in the period when Jesus was said to have lived? How much information did the Romans keep about their provences and how much of that still exists today? Are any translations of such information available online?

Don’t know what’s available, but you’ll probably have more luck if you search for “Palestine”.

You might also do some Googling for Josephus (full name Flavius Josephus), a Jewish historian. He’s a couple of generations later than the period you’re talking about, and there’s a lot of debate about how reliable his accounts are, but that’s the problem with virtually all of the source material from that era.

Thanks, I wish I could spell. Would some Kindly Mod fix the spelling of the thread title, please.
I’ll look up the Josephus name.