Non-Job Related Things You’ve Learned at Your Job

What kind of things are seemingly unrelated to your job description that you’ve learned on your job?

A weird one for me: How names are formatted around the world. Not just that the family name is placed before the given name in most Asian countries, but that most people from South America have a huge string of given, middle and family names. And that my American guess of what the “proper” thing to call them is usually totally wrong and absolutely unrecognizable to them.

I learned how to open cheap combination locks in less than a second.

I learned a few vicious ways to mess over somebody’s car without breaking into it.

I learned what kind of fizzy soft drink makes the worst mess.

I learned that, for $50, you can have a truckload of stone delivered right in front of your boss’s garage while he’s not home.

Not here, but at my last job: How to look up the meanings of all the funny little numbers doctors put on your chart and lab test requests, so you can find out what they really think is wrong with you.

When a copy machine jams and you open up the main door, any switch, lever or knob that is blue is okay to flip/pull/turn in order to clear the jam. Just don’t touch anything that isn’t blue.

Haha. E-882 from when I broke my wrist. =]

How to use Google to surf for everything, except porn.

How to file a complaint with the SEC.

How to scam the INS. :eek:

My co-workers were an industrious bunch…