Non-media organizations planning to do their own exit polling of the election

From the New York Times, 10/17/04 –

Given the dozen or so things that smell bad about this election, I guess I feel relieved that an extra safeguard is being put in place. But – is there any chance this could backfire? People often object to exit polling because of the “bandwagon effect” – news stations on the East Coast release their exit poll results as soon as the polls close, showing candidate X in the lead, and then out in California some undecided voters vote X because they want to back a winner – and some backers of candidate Y get discouraged and stay home – and some backers of X stay home because it’s looks like X doesn’t really need their vote . . . Will there be any safeguards in place to prevent this? Does it matter?

Since they won’t be projecting on live tv, like the media used to, there will be no bandwagon.

Come on, you don’t think they’re going to release their results to the media immediately? The press is certainly going to nag them to.

BTW, the same article points out that exit-polling played a crucial role in the 2003 parliamentary elections in Georgia. The official results declared President Shevardnadze’s party the winner, but the exit polls told a different story. An angry mob marched on the presidential palace, and Shevardnadze was forced to resign.

But nothing like that could ever happen here, could it? :wink:

Ha! :smiley: