Non-perishable food, if anyone needs it

Every year, we buy lots of non-perishables to make sack lunches, which we give to homeless people downtown, or to the people you see begging for money on the medians, or by the big stores.

This is a mitzvah of Purim, and so I’ve had my religious school class pack them up. However, I didn’t get to do that this year, since the classes are all online, and I did get to give out as much food as I usually do, because, well, mostly reason having to do with COVID, but partially because I just didn’t have them packed.

Anyway, I know there are people on the board who have said they are having money issues, problems keeping food stocked, or other problems with basic needs.

If any one you want to PM me your snail mail addresses, I can send you some of the food we have leftover from Purim.

A lot of it is envelopes of prepared tuna or chicken salad, sleeves of crackers, and things like cereal bars, meal bars, lunch packs of fruit, peanut butter and nuts, and some snack foods, like chips & cookies. I think there are also some containers of shelf-stable milk. There are also envelopes of water flavoring that have vitamin C.

Just let me know.

I think it is cool that you do that.

This is a very nice thing to do. Blessings upon your house.

It is a good thing to do. I need to find ways to help out more in this time of great need myself.

Kudos for this, Rivkah.


Chag Pesach Sameach to you and yours.

I don’t need what’s being offered, I just want to encourage people to get in touch with their local food pantry/social services if they can help out.

Today I dropped off cleaning supplies (dish soap and cleaning wipes) along with oatmeal cups that just need hot water at the local pantry I support. I try to give something every month. I usually call them and ask if they have any particular needs, often it’s for cleaning supplies but sometimes I get an interesting/surprising request.

When I give sack lunches to people, sometimes they ask me if I have batteries. They are often squatting places that don’t have power, and they have a flashlight, but they need batteries for it. I actually keep a few batteries in my car, but I just given them out when people ask.

Very kind.

What a beautiful act