Non-religious Self-help Books, Tapes etc: Any ever REALLY work for you?

I think most “self-help” gurus are frauds and charlatans. But there are a few of them out there that I personally found had some long lasting impact on me:

Dr. Richard Carlson’s “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” series has helped me put my anger and bad moods in perspective, and not let me get hung up on so many things.

I’m trying to think of some others, but really it’s a matter of reading the book, getting pumped up, and a few weeks later your back to your old pathetic worthless self.

Anyone out there have a lasting positive experience from a self help, fitness, sales book, seminar or tape- THAT LASTED?

The CEO of our company decided to make the Pacific Institute curriculum available to everyone in the company, and eventually incorporated the training into our employee orientation program. I found the information so powerful, I volunteered to attend the training program so that I could actually present the program to others in my company (the curriculum was presented on video, with employees trained in the material there to assist the group with processing the info and doing exercises, discussions, etc.). I ran the program every few months until it was sadly discontinued when that CEO left and was replaced by someone a little more budget conscious…it was costing our company approximately $2000/employee to make the program available. It was one of the most enormous learning opportunities every afforded me so far in my work experience…not only in learning how to manage my own life, but the opportunity to help people change theirs as well.

As a caveat…I really think that no self-help program is really going to help unless the person wants it to help. Once they shifted the program in our company to the orientation phase, we saw a lot more resistence to the information. The information is only valuable if you can see how to use it…we tried out best to show people the benefit, but if they’re determined not to get anything out of it (and we saw plenty of that), they won’t. :slight_smile:

I read a book over 20 years ago that still influences me, called:

Pulling Your Own Strings

Shoot me cuz I cant remember the authors exact name!

Wayne Dweyer or something like that…

I reccomend it to everyone, it’s an awesome book that gives you a different perspective on EVERYTHING.

Here’s a link to that “Strings” book:

It is by Wayne Dwyer, who does have some interesting perspectives on dealing with other people.