Non Sequitur and the SDMB

This seems so familiar, doesn’t it?

Oh, my head.

Shouldn’t that be posted in GD? :wink:

Or in the Pit. :slight_smile:

I sympathize for your pain, Johnathan, it must be hard trying to see both sides of an issue.

Gotta hand it to him, Wiley hits things right on head in his strips

I’ve never followed that strip before, but those two panes make me a fan.

“Shouldn’t that be posted in GD?”
Maybe. And part of me wants to see it there. But the rest of me questions the sanity of debating with a comic strip.

[sub]*My brother’s sig line. I’ve no idea who this person is…[/sub]

Anne Lamott is an interesting author. I saw a documentary, Bird by Bird with Annie, on her once that shows just how delightfully strange she is. Check her out.

Has anybody noticed that Eve has no body?

I love NonSequitur. I check it out everyday on