Non-Sleeper cell -- for those who want to ramble at night, not bright and early

My big ambition is to have a Zoom coffee klatch with a new friend I met in an injury support group just before the shut downs started. We got fed up with waiting to be able to get together safely in person. She has the technology to set up a Zoom, I usually can manage to turn my iPad on. It may work. She’s used to water-skiing half-sloshed on Labor Day. Ain’t no way I can be that perky.

Have no idea. Pent up Covid isolation? Socially acceptable violent objection to current life conditions for us all? If it helps people get by, I’m all for it. Just don’t scare the beasties. I don’t do it but I’ll give people a pass if they feel the need this year.

Always my game plan. Followed by “Done is better than perfect“.

See above.

Me either. I did it, mind you, but I never enjoyed it. Rise and shine is over-rated. Waayyy over-rated.

You bet. Please do. Carry on.


All comers welcome!

not in a dirty way, you have dirty minds

I’m wide awake. So I popped corn. It’s not the snack I wanted. Bayliss likes it.

Dang @bbb, you be multi-quotin’ like a boss

I declare you welcome!

Another here who is often up late, struggles with mornings, and requires extensive caffeination before I can function. Glad to be here.

Yay! @Spoons in da house!

We had a minor tragedy.
The baby-wrex, at a solid 3yo, still has potty issues. So I’ve taken up the potty training/minding duty while she’s here.
Before her bedtime I was trying to keep her sitting and gave her the baby boys DS(handheld game thingy) to look at and do her business. She dropped it in the toilet.
Jeez girlfriend!
I grabbed it real quick, thankfully there were no baby-wrex poops yet.
I put it in a ziplock with rice.

It’s working again. I can’t believe it.

I screamed so loud(not angrily, just shock) when I saw it go in the water I think I broke baby-wrex.
She may never poop again.

Well, bookending the thread for me(hopefully)
Hi Die[handwavey emoji]
So, as I start typing this it’s 0135. The Vaderling is STILL not asleep and is resisting my commands to go to bed…damn xbox and youtube videos! Not seriously stressed because holiday weekend and all, but still.

Nope, my stress this week is a 3 day work trip to deliver and install some exercise equipment clear over on the other side of the state. Won’t go into my gripes except to say I have many about this route delivery job :rage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :rage:

What really is the point?

They just grow up and leave breaking your heart along the way

You must be in my time zone. As I type this, only a few minutes after you posted, it is 0147 MDT.

I can’t say when you have both girls and boys. I got all boys. There ain’t no heartbreak when they go and great joy when they reproduce

And a little schadenfreude, I will admit

SW Idaho Spoons yep good ol’ MDT. You?

Ok, this really is the bookend to my bookend for this thread. For really reals this time. Honest🥱

Goodnight, @dork

Alberta, Canada, about an hour north of the US border.

How am I on the same time? I’m in the Central time zone

I try to go to bed by 4 a.m. Well, I was trying for 3 a.m. for awhile and that didn’t work. So now it’s 4. I’ve been having a hell of a time trying to get some sort of sleep schedule going during coronatimes.

A surprise to see a new thread at this time of night. I’m usually here catching up on old stuff. Nice to know I’m not the only one hanging out here in the wee small hours. Well, American wee small hours.

I laughed so hard at this I may never poop again.

[I screwed up the multi-quoting on this. I’m tired, but I shall rise again tomorrow (she says with a shake of her crinolines)]

How about we call them “North American wee small hours”? After all, Canada shares the same continental time zones as the United States. Heck, we’ve got two more time zones than the continental US.

Oops. My bad. And I had just read your post that you are in Canada. :grinning: I’ll blame it on the fact that it’s 4 in the morning. Yeah, that’s it. I should go to bed.

Pipe down the both of you! It’s an hour later here. Don’t make me come in there.

Boo and I ain’t making no promises about going to bed soon neither.

Hi @aurora_maire
That’s funny. I try for 4am as well.
As soon as I said I notice it’s after 4.
I’m gonna be one hot mess tomorrow.
It’s hot and humid and I’ll have to go to the Lakehouse all cranky and shit.
I’m 3nights in a bad insomnia episode.