Non-Sleeper cell -- for those who want to ramble at night, not bright and early

The Monday Morning Post topics (né threads) are popular. But they are so… morning. Where is the place for insomniacs and others who are up late with the SDMB?

Beckdawrek suggested it might be nice to have an omnibus topic for people to ramble in late at night. If it catches on, maybe we can add it to the FAQ and everything. But anyway, here’s the first NSC topic. Ramble away.

And now I think I will shuffle off to bed…

Why did your ‘shuffling off to bed now’ feel like a bait and switch?



Ok, I’ll go with this.
Errrm, lessee, 2122 o’clock local time (can’t be bothered to figure out GMT right now) it’s comfortably on the cool side, don’t know the actual temp, probably somewhere in the upper 60s Fahrenheit. The air has been quite hazy today(and off and on for the past few weeks) from all the wild fires around the western US. It’s really played hell with breathing and just another reason to wear a mask which seems to help. Vaderling and I are getting ready to watch a movie of his choice then off to bed but probably not sleep


it’s ok, I’m over 21 (barely).

Just don’t post pictures. OK?

I haven’t actually gone to bed yet, but I should. My husband already went to bed. And I have stuff I ought to do tomorrow…

BIPPITY!!!1!1¡¡ Nooooooooo! I generally don’t go to sleep till around 0100 or 0200. Usually because I’m either lurking or actively posting stuff on here. Vaderling damn well better be sleeping well before then

Yah scared me for a second there—-I thought I was getting modded.


Naw, just rambling pointlessly…
@Beckdawrek, you might be interested in this topic…

Sometimes when I can’t sleep, I think, well, Swampy will be getting up soon. Of course, he’s three hours ahead of me. By the time it’s wake-up o’clock here, FCM has done two loads of laundry, walked, emptied the dishwasher, and mowed half the yard. That woman amazes me. I feel like a slug, but heck, it’s three hours later here. Of course, in the next three hours, I’'ll have brushed my teeth, dressed, perused the news, read the Dope, and…well, that’s it. I am a slug.

I’ve finally brushed my teeth… Now i really need to get to bed.

I’m here. I’m here. It’s still early to me.
Let’s see if I can Ramble alittle.
Meatloaf for Sunday supper. It’s talking to me. I’m eating rolaids.
Bayliss the Tailess got his first bath by me, this afternoon. He took it like a man. Now he smells decent.
He never has looked dirty except his front paws. He likes putting them in the mud at the pond.

The Siamese are coming around to accepting him. They’ve quit hissing.

Mr. Wrekker is staying at lakehouse. We’re going there to have a fish fry tomorrow.
The Grandwrex will love it.

I’m liking this new thread.

I’m finishing up day 3 of a 4-day weekend – long weekends like this usually find me falling into my natural sleep cycle (up until 2am, then asleep until 10am). I drove up to Wisconsin to see my parents on Saturday; we sat on the back patio, spread out for safety’s sake, and caught up for about eight hours, before I turned around and came home. It made for a long day (200 miles each way), but worth it to get to see them.

My wife and I watched Bill & Ted Face the Music this afternoon; it’s silly, but fun, and the actors who play Bill and Ted’s daughters are quite good in it.

I’m now watching Star Wars on TNT, while fiddling around online.

Any Labor day festivities planned?

Son-of-a-wrek wanted to get some fireworks. What is it this year, about fireworks?

Normally, I’d probably get dragged to my sister-in-law’s for a cookout. Not this year, for the obvious reasons. I probably will need to work for an hour or two, but otherwise, I think I’m going to be as lazy as I can get away with, and maybe do some reading.

Can’t argue with lazing around. I try to do it everyday.

Now THIS is my kind of thread! I never felt comfortable mingling with day-walkers.

Now I has a confusion. For you guys it’s rambling at night, but for me it’s just after sunrise. Am I still allowed to post?

Mine too. Trader Joe’s chicken& mushroom raviolis-delicious, but…and I’m out of Tums.

If bloodshed has stopped you’re most of the way home, IMHO. I’m humble, my Siameezers aren’t.

Me too!

You made me smile reading this. Thanks, I needed that. Hope you get to do it again soon, before the snow flies.


2:00 in Boston and all’s well.

Just kind of bored, is all.

I did almost exactly the same thing, except it was only fifty miles and they are just shy of Wisconsin. The old folks are 85 and 93 and are being very, very careful in their quarantine. They were delighted to have the company, even though we couldn’t hug like we wanted to.

As far as late-night chats go, I’m your huckleberry. Almost always up until at least 2 am (Central Time), although I can’t promise to always be sober.