Oh Where Did All These Leaves Come From in the MMP!

Happy Moonday!

It’s a chilly 30 degrees and dark outside, supposed to be N.O.S. with a high of 59 today.

Not such a bad day for raking leaves, I suppose.

They are everywhere, and I hate raking them. Well, I don’t actually rake them, more like suck them up in the leaf blower, which both sucks and blows. (Get your mind out of the gutter Spidey, there’s no room in there anyway, because it is filled with… LEAVES!)

How can something that is soooooo pretty on the trees be so ugly on the ground?
Trying to clean up behind the pups in the leaves… I go from brown spot to brown spot… nope, that’s a leaf, and that’s a leaf, and another leaf.
At least when it’s cold outside I can look for the steaming pile of leaves.

Most likely no park today. Echo is sick, I think she is having a bout of shar pei fever. I gave her a quarter of an aspirin, and we’ll see how she feels. I’m not sure if she should have a quarter or a half, I’ll send an email to her breeder and see. In the meantime, I’ll keep an eye on her and if she seems to be getting worse I’ll take her to the vet. Who will tell me I shouldn’t give her aspirin, because most vets know next to nothing about shar pei fever.
I’m just sorry I didn’t notice sooner, she was acting a little weird last night.

And yes, **Butters
**, Buddy is normal, and he will grow out of it, and they do seem to like to test our patience. You have a toddler on your hands, but he will grow up and out of it.

First! It’s good to be juvenile! :smiley:

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN 'Tis 50 Amurrkin out and cloudy with a predicted high of 72 and cloudy for the day. Today is spiff da cave day. Rah. Sup shall be sketties 'n meatballs, sallit, and cheesey garlic bread. Easy to do and if’n I do say so myself, I make a goooooooooooood sketties 'n meatballs. No plans to go anywhere today, which is fine by me.

Sari hope Echo is feelin’ better today, poor baby!

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, onward into the day!

Happy Moanday Y’all!

**sari **- it’s bad enough that there are tons of leaves on the ground, but around here, at least, there are still too many that have yet to drop. So even tho I did the front yard yesterday, I expect it’ll be covered by next weekend. Same deal for the back, which will get done today. Thank goodness for the mulcher/vac.

We bought it years ago and I choked that it cost $1100, but it’s been more than worth it. Our first year here, I raked by hand - I would rake a pile on to a tarp, then drag it to the woods, then start again - WHEW! The next year, we rented a walk-behind sucker thing - that was almost as much work. Then we found our life-saver! The main thing to remember is not to let it get over-full - it can be a real booger to empty if you’re not careful.

So, yeah, that’s my plan for the day. Daughter is off, so she’ll have quality time with Roxy, SIL will be working in the shop with FCD.

PS: even tho I was short on nutmeg, the pie was very good!

Happy Moanday!!

Morning all. Well, youth soccer is not over, turns out my 10U boys team qualified for the Area tournament, so we’ll be playing at least one more week, maybe two. Coached six games both Saturday and Sunday and can just about walk across my house this morning. Also got about 6 hours sleep, so nappage is a certainty.

Probably have 1-2 practices this week; also need to replace my wall clock which fell off and broke when I tried to hang it back up after changing the time (shouldn’t have tried it as tired as I was, but just couldn’t stand to look at it with the wrong time showing).

46F heading for 61F and another pretty day. Need to mow the lawn, hopefully for the last time this year, but I think I’ll wait a day or two for the aches to go away.

Sari, I don’t get many leaves, since I had my trees cut down 15 years ago. The few I get from the neighbors get mowed and bagged. And my best to Echo, even if he is a brat.

Hve a good week, y’all.

Up, caffeinated, and sheveled. t’s 35 degrees(Amurikin) outside.

Hope Echo feels better soon, sari. And the ground crew takes care of the leaves at the apartment.

Butters**, Gordie grew out of his loony hyper puppy stage. At age 12.:dubious:

I need to change the clock hanging over the TV - it kept messing with my brain yesterday.

I canceled our credit card over the weekend - I thought it had been compromised because a charge in Euros triggered the fraud dept. Nope - **FCD **was ordering something, then he got pissed at me because I killed the card before talking to him. Because, of course, if I get a charge in foreign currency, I should assume he’s buying something… :rolleyes:

Hope we get the new card this week - we use the credit card for everything!! I’ve already had to switch 2 automatic bills to my debit card, plus I had to use the same debit card for PayPal to buy the 3D computer model **FCD **needed. Always something…

We HAD leaves on the trees, but the windstorm last week put paid to THAT. If the leaves didn’t blow off the trees, the trees blew over!

The local trees that still have leaves are oak–they need a really hard freeze to drop their now brown leaves.

Actually, when it comes to leaves, my mind is in the gutter. One 3’ section of gutter guard came down & I dont have a 24’ ladder to replace it & with the pitch of the roof, I’m not going up there & leaning forward. Luckily, I can at least stand on the deck railing & clean out the clog at the top of the downspout. I also need to get on the (not-as-steep) front porch roof & clean that out, as well. I also need to scrub the front porch roof; because it never gets any direct sunlight it gets black. Unfortunately, it might not get done this year as outdoor work is weekends only now, & this weekend I’m in a class.

New orifice today (we moved; same building, different floor). I HATE it! Smaller desks, much less desk storage, no ice maker/machine (yet?) & it’s that @#$&% “open office” concept. Everyone can see & hear what you & others are doing. Won’t be good when multiple people are on calls.

Woke up to cat’s singing the ‘feed me, NOW’ song. House was cool. I had a fire in the woodstove last night and turned the thermostat down (or up). The woodstove is cute and atmospheric but not a very efficient. My wood is quite damp so I’m having trouble. The cat’s are like velcro attached to me if I stop for 2 seconds they come and plant their butts on me. I ate cereal with 2 cat’s jockey-ing for position. I feel so speshul being a cat warming blanket!
My doggies didn’t wanna walk far. We did our necessaries and came right back in.
My new washer comes today.
I’m slightly puny and cranky-beck this morning. I sent a email to the diabetes clinic w/o questions. I hope they don’t need me come in.
Good Monday morning all!

We saw the new Terminator movie yesterday. Unfortunately, the Japanese restaurant was closed. :frowning:

More unfortunately, my a/r contact who works for one of our members that happens to be up here where we live, was in a community theatre production of Roald Dah’s The Witches. We meant to go last week, but put it off until yesterday… and then forgot. :smack:

My inner workings are confused.

OK, so three weeks ago I move from Spain to the UK. Same longitude, but one hour behind, but people eat two hours earlier, so I’m actually eating one hour earlier despite being one hour behind. The gnomes managing my stomach are convinced that time is absolute and Eating Time is absolutely absolute, they’re grumpy.

And then the clocks got changed, and the gnomes haven’t recovered from the post-change change, which btw places lunchtime at exactly where it was when I was in Spain so could the rest of me kindly make up its mind? Are we eating or not? Very grumpy, my OCD-about-lunchtime inner gnomes…

I eat lunch anywhere from 1130-3PM. Usually if I don’t eat til 3 then I won’t eat supper.

Howdy and happy new week. Still hot here. There is no scheduled relief in sight. A nice cold front would be most welcome.

Trees here happily tossing leaves like confetti. Still can’t figure out why this year, most have some green leaves that never turned.

When I had a house, I used to mow to pick up leaves/make mulch.

Lupus flare silver lining: forces me to be concise. [World cheers.]

Greetings from Mayberry. We are at our Central Oregon ‘retreat’ for more projects.
The neighbor’s maple tree has filled our front yard with leaves. The problem is, we don’t know what to do with them after we rake them. I suppose we should talk to the garbage people and see if they take them.
it’s 49f here, but feels colder for some reason.

We have a TV here now, but all we had was Netflix, which came on the TV. There were some other apps built into the TV, but nothing we wanted. Well, I dug my old Roku out of the closet and brought it over this time to see what it would get us. Not that much. We were hoping for Amazon Prime, but :(. I guess the newer Rokus have it, or so Wifey tells me. Our choices for TV apparently are Dish Network or Direct TV, but Wifey does not want a satellite solution. We have Dish :frowning: in Newberg and let’s just say they aren’t the best. :dubious:

Like Butters, I eat lunch whenever I get to it, but if I eat lunch late, that just means I eat dinner later, 'cause my stomach demands service. :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Moanday.

That’s Taz with me, and add 2 pugs as a bonus! I can’t knit or crochet without including critter hair in my work. Hope none of the recipients are allergic…

Got my car back, but just with the oil changed. Our car guys don’t do body work, and because the bumper cover was involved, they didn’t want to mess with the wheel well liner. Once I got it home, **FCD **looked at it and said he thought he could fix it, which is fine. I stopped at a body shop on the way home, and they want $200 to replace the liner and try to glue the bumper cover in place. I don’t want to pay to replace the whole cover - the car’s almost 8 years old! But in the interim, I’m going to replace the thin cord holding the liner in place with a heavier one.

The leaves in the back have been cleared. **FCD **bought a Stihl blower and I used it to clear the decks and the backyard driveway. Then I drove the mulcher/vac around and cleaned up the lawn area. I’m about to re-assume the knit position - I’m making slippers for the RoxStar.

We got the rest of our things delivered last week and I spent the next several days recovering. Now my house is all boxes again. I would really like this unpacked by Christmas. The cats are very happy though. They’ve got tons of places to lurk, and sit, and swipe at rude, obnoxious, horrid intruder Akiko. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was wrong. I was searching on Amazon Prime’. Wifey suggested that I search on just ‘Prime’, and there it was! So now we can continue watching Silent Witness, and other things. :smiley:

Carry on.

I haven’t done much today.
I should be doing things, but I’m not.

Baby Echo is starting to feel better. Still kind of droopy looking. I hate doing much because she wants to follow me everywhere and she needs to get some rest.

I like them better on the ground; all that much easier to pick squirrels off running through the trees. Which is to say the squirrels run through the trees. I haven’t run through the trees in a lot of years. :wink:

Stayed a work a little extra to deal with a trailer that was 16 hours late. About 30 of us got all 4k off, broke it into routes, and moved it over for the drivers to get to home today thus keeping the 24 hour pledge. I am seriously tired but in a really cool way.

Went over to Wally’s Mart for a new clock and ended up with a new pair of slippers (haven’t found a pair I really like in years, but I’ll keep trying) and a couple of new keyboards (the second is when I break this one). My previous keyboard had developed a sticky aaaaaaaa key and given the cost, it’s cheaper to replace than fix. Old board will go to Best Buy for recycle next time I’m headed that way.

Oh, and my 12U Boys, who I thought were knocked out of the next round of tournaments, got in due to a cancellation, so I have two teams to coach next weekend–but only six games, not twelve.

Too late for a nap, probably get myself off to bed early tonight. Need to do laundry but had the house set to cold and want it to warm up some.

ruble, I’ve noticed that. Even if the job is one you don’t normally care for, if you do something outstanding (by yourself or with others), you feel good about it.

FCM, $200 for a body shop to do anything is a good deal in my book–expensive places they are.

Bumba, glad the TV worked out.

Nava, for some reason time zone changes don’t seem to bother me much, at least where eating is concerned. Hope your gnomes settle down soon.

spidey, but just think, the ‘open’ concept let’s everybody see what a diligent and effectiver worker you are…hmmm, better think that out again…