Non-smokers starting nicotine gum.

I have been a non-smoker for 8 years, but occasionally I feel like I’d like a cigarette. Of course, I’ll never smoke again, but I’ve always wondered if I could just chew some nicorette. I’m not likely to try that either, but I don’t know what the effects would be either. What are the negative side effects of nicotine gum to non-smokers? Has anybody ever studied the long term prognosis of this sort of thing?

Don’t do it. You’ll just get hooked on the gum and the stuff costs a fortune.

I’ve tried the gum twice and a lozenge once. Each time I got very nausious, dizzy, and almost vomited. No more.

I started taking the nicotine lozenges while I was in the Army because I didn’t like smoking but I wanted the stimulant action of Nicotine to stay up at work. Well I’ve been taking the shit for like two years now and have noticed no bad effects or anything, I have gone long periods without taking it to no ill effect. Its really just something to do I guess because I don’t really drink anymore. Seems pretty harmless to me but it is expensive I might finally give it up just because of the cost. A 24 pack of 4mg from Walmart costs around $10.00. It really is a huge waste of money.

this, can’t give the bloody things up after 5 yeaars

I think your occasional cravings for a cigarette are unlikely to be anything to do with the nicotine - and therefore, unlikely to be satisfied by nicotine gum.

I’m an ex-smoker myself (20+ years now) - and I still occasionally get a twinge of craving when I find myself in one of the situations where smoking was pleasurable (that is, where it was aesthetically enjoyable, as opposed to just servicing a habit) - but it’s not really the nicotine I’m fondly remembering - it’s the flavour, the physical sensation of the smoke, etc.

I quit smoking in 2001, but last Monday I bought an e-cig. I take an occasional puff or two at times throughout my workday to improve my focus and concentration. It seems to work at keeping me on track and I have had zero cravings when I’m at home or any other time away from work.

Like August West, I recommend an E-cig. Highly convenient, satisfies nicotine cravings and doesn’t have the tar and other chemicals as regular cigs do (or at least to a much lesser extant)