Non-US Cruise Missile, UAV types?

Pardon me for posting, but I was wondering…do any other countries besides the U.S. have cruise missiles, or even Unmanned Aerial Vehicles? Like Russia, for instance?

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Britain has the Phoenix UAV in use by the Royal Artillery for spotting, as well the Storm Shadow tactical cruise missile (in development for use by the RAF) and the Tomahawk Land Attack Missile (TLAM) for use in ‘Trafalgar’-class SSNs.

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I don’t know about cruise missiles, but the Israeli Air Force invented the UAV back in the late '70s, and still uses them extensively. Until recent years, most UAVs in use around the world were Israeli-made.

Not only does Britain have cruise missiles, but the first shot in this war was fired by a British submarine, which launched a cruise missile.

I wonder how all those people who protested against the development of the cruise missile feel today? Here in Canada we had to fight them off with sticks every time the U.S. wanted to test one up north.

This site tends to be oriented to the U.S., but it has quite a bit of information–including the point that the first trials of this sort of aircraft go back to the British in 1918:
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well the russians have their own version of the cruise missile i can’t recall the name right now but its on
its not just huges who make em

Cruise missile development commenced in the US in 1916, when Lawrence Sperry formed a company for the purpose of developing an “Aerial Torpedo”, which first flew sucessfully in March of 1918. Since that time, guided and unguided unmanned aircraft have been experimented off and on around the world. The greatest early success was experienced by Germany with the V-1 “Buzz Bomb”, and some actively-guided gliding bombs used in Naval applications. During WWII, the US experimented with converting worn-out B-17 bombers into enourmous flying bombs, remotely operated by a chase craft after it’s vrew bailed out. The Japanese developed the first “smart missile”, when they put human pilots into short-ranged missiles, which were dropped from parent aircraft, and then suicide-dove onto their target.

The French, of course have perhaps the world’s most well-known cruise missile, the Exocet, and while it’s not terribly long range, Irannian, US, and British navies can all attest to it’s effectiveness, to their sorrow.

Some would not consider the Exocet to be a “true” cruise missile because it’s not air-breathing. Brazil’s Avibras Industria Aeroespacial (developer of the ASTROS II, used by the US under the designation “MLRS”) is begining to sell the AV/MT 300, a cheaper, simpler alternative to the TLAM, for nations that doen’t need the heavier payload or langer range of a TLAM. Translated from Portugese:

Ooops. Forgot this page linking to nations developing cruise missile capabilities.

One that I forgot to mention, and is perhaps the most exported of the full-capability cruise missiles, China’s Silkworm missile, which is a follow-on of Russia’s SS-N-2 Styx, and which has spawned a whole family of international children: