"Nonfiction" Book identification - fake atomic bomb

A friend of mine told me about a book that argued that the Hiroshima bombing could have been faked by a large quantity of conventional bombs seeded with radioactive material (this is obviously a crazy idea, for a number of reasons, by the way); he thinks it was called “The Jupiter Effect” but the only book by that name I can find is the John Gribbin book about the crazy theory that the alignment of the planets in 1982 would cause massive damage all over Earth (don’t you remember when that happened?). Anyone remember a “non-fiction” book about faking the atomic bombing of Hiroshima?

I’ve never heard of the book but it would have to ignore physics, there were too many things which occurred because of the direct radiation and not just the release of radioactive material.

Atomic bomb non-fiction is one of my reading interests, and I’ve never heard of a book like that. The topic does seem to be discussed on a few of the wilder conspiracy forums, but I’m not digging into any of them further than a quick google to find a title.

Might be interesting to put the people who think the Hiroshima bomb wasn’t atomic into the same room with the people who think the Port Chicago explosion WAS, but that’s just my personal viewpoint.

Are you sure it was nonfiction? There was a 1970 novel by Edwin Corley called “The Jesus Factor” which centered around the faking of the nuclear attack on Japan.

The only book I could find referenced in conspiracy forums was ‘Vatican Assassins’, which apparently has a section about faking the Hiroshima bombing, but what’s proposed there is land-mines, not conventional bombs.

The book has an official website, or the maybe website spawned the book, either way it seems filled to the brim with cockamamy theories, to be kind.

That sounds like it could be it - I’ll ask my friend. Thanks very much.

Talked to my friend. Seems to be the right book (any discrepancies can be attributed to fading memory)

Harry Truman at Roswell in 1947: We’ll study this at Area 51!

Army officer: But Mister President, that’s where we’re building the fake moon landing set!

Truman: Then we’ll have to really land on the moon! Invent NASA and tell them to get off their fannies!
Sometimes the actual event turns out to be much easier to pull off than the conspiracy behind a fake event.