Nonsensical parking lot experience

Today on my way home I stopped at the Rite-Aid where I used to filled my prescriptions to grab a couple of things I needed (water, floss, gum, etc.). When I got to the counter with my things, I realized I had left my wallet in my car and told the cashier I’d be right back.

When I go back out to my car to get my wallet, I notice a car that had pulled into the handicap-only parking spot next to me. It was a young(ish) lady and a much older lady, and the younger lady had gotten out of the car and was walking into the store (no permit on the dash, nor on the license plate), leaving the old lady in the car. She passed right by me as I was closing the door of my car and I asked her if she had a permit. “Yes but I ain’t gotta say shit to you!!” “I gotta permit bracelet around my ankle!” And she lifted her leg and pointed down towards her foot. :confused::confused: She was violently hostile immediately off the bat.

As she continued on towards the entrance, I told her she was breaking the law. “It’s none of your FUCKIN’ BUSINESS what I am doing at all!” Do what you gotta." She then walked into the Rite Aid. I turned and looked at the old lady sitting there in the passenger seat in the car next to mine. The window was rolled down and she was only about 8-10 feet away from me. I made eye contact with her and kind of shook my head and shrugged my shoulders and threw my hands up in the airs, in a sign of exasperation. “We have a permit”, she says.

She then opens the glovebox and takes a placard out. I look at her incredulously, “why wouldn’t you just put that up, like you are supposed to?” She looks at me with a blank stare and says “I don’t know.” :confused: And then, she opens the glovebox back up and puts the placard back inside. “Ma’am, you realize that your daughter (i made the assumption) is breaking the law by parking there and not displaying that placard?” “But I have a permit.” :rolleyes:

I go back inside to pay for my things and I encounter the young(ish) woman, whom I’m guessing was the older woman’s daughter and was abusing her placard (but that part is just my speculation). “Ma’am, you need to take your permit out and put it up when you park in the handicap spots.” “Why didn’t you do that?” She was standing by the cashier and she said, “Oh, will you please ring these up quick so I don’t catch me a case up in here?!” :eek: Um, okay, I’ll leave it at that. Geezus.

But do people really not realize that if you have a permit giving you legal access to handicap parking spots, you must have that permit on display in your parked car? Or was this just one stupid, unscrupulous exception?? It’s really no different than a car with no permit at all.

This is not nonsensical at all. She had a permit, therefore she had a right to park in the handicapped space. She might need to prove it to a traffic cop but she doesn’t need to prove it to YOU.

Why does this bother you so much? Sure, she could get a ticket for it, but only if some busybody called it in, and as far as I can tell she didn’t inconvenience you or anyone else.

It may have been a stupid and unscrupulous exception, but I doubt it was the only one, there are probably hundreds of them every day. Probably it is just too much trouble to take out that placard.

I don’t know why you can’t believe that. Using a turn signal when driving is much, much easier than taking a placard out of your glove box, and yet thousands of people don’t bother with that.

I gotta second Hilarity here - what business is it of yours?

You “asked her if she had a permit” which right off the bat is an accusation. I would also have been offended if I got accused by some random stranger. She’s right - she doesn’t have to answer to you.

Better watch out, they might ban you from Rite-Aid this time.

Anybody else feel kinda sorry for the “much older” lady left in the car to get chewed a new one by some stranger for something someone else did?

I totally get that these spaces are reserved for those that need them and possess the proper permit, but I think you were out of line to take it to the level you did. Making an informative comment to the driver would have been adequate. It was just plain mean to take it out on her passenger, and it was borderline foolhardy to take it back into the store to the “violently hostile” driver.

On one occasion I was on my way to a restaurant with a friend who decided she needed to stop at the supermarket for some cigarettes. Despite my repeated fervent pleas, she parked in one of the handicapped spots, and I had to choose to either roost in her illegally parked car until she returned or cover my face like a felon and accompany her to the store. I chose the latter and was soundly berated by an elderly gentleman (in that piercing angry-walrus voice they get) all the way across the driveway.

Talk about butting your nose in and making a scene for no good reason. And then to find out that the other driver can legally park in the handicap spot and to not let the matter drop is too much. Does the OP want to go around telling people with expired tags on their car’s plates to get off the road too? Let the traffic cops take care of those infractions.

If you are a cop, show your badge to her. You are not law enforcement are you? The woman was inherently wrong in not displaying the permit. It’s not your place to chastise people. You must be the guy who drives in the left lane at five under when the line wants to go faster.

Dude, it was none of your business.

If she had taken the only handicap slot, leaving you nowhere to park, then you would have been quite entitled to make it your business. But that wasn’t the case.

Technically none of your business when it comes to personally confronting them.
What you should have done was call the cops on them, because I’m sure having the police explain to them that they have to display the placard or it doesn’t count would be much more effective than you explaining it to them. You, I and others went through a shitload of trouble to get these laws passed-use them the way they were intended next time.

I would like to quote the young lady.

Wait, stop, lemme guess…she wasn’t supposed to be parked there so you yelled at her or beat the shit out of her or parked her in or called the cops or called the local media…ami right? Dude, dial it back a notch. We (the teeming millions) don’t even have to finish reading these any more.

Anyways, that’s honestly what I thought when I got this far and I’m going to agree with everyone else. This, was truly a case of something not effecting you, so let it go. I mean it’s one thing when an able bodied person parks in a handicapped spot and that means you have to park across town and you go all ape shit. But this? C’mon, you had a handicapped spot and another handicapped person parked in the handicapped spot next to you. Who the fuck cares, she’s right, she doesn’t have to prove shit to you, call the cops if you got a problem, why do you assume everything is a personal slap in the face to you?

If you see someone breaking the law, there is nothing wrong with reporting it.

Sounds like you handled yet another difficult situation with your usual grace and charm.

There certainly seems to be a lot of anger, hostility, and unresolved issues with you. Crucifying everyone who parks in a handicapped spot isn’t going to undo your injury.

She was right- it was none of your fuckin’ business.

Another vote for none of your business whatsoever. You acted like a complete jerk.

What did you, or society, or her mom, or anyone gain from you berating this woman? Seriously, what is the point in acting like this? What outcome were you expecting?

Was none of your business. The only sensible action (if any) would be calling the cops with her license plate number, although that would have probably been futile in this county.

Another thought…people break laws every day. They jaywalk, speed, turn without coming to a complete stop, put their trash out before 6 p.m. the day before pick-up, park in no-parking zones, have things dangling from rear-view mirrors while driving (illegal here), have unlicensed dogs, etc & etc.

Do you become similarly outraged and incensed every time you see someone doing something illegal?

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I think everyone here is missing an important point, maybe even jamie. If we can assume the permit was issued because of the older person, (which I grant is purely an assumption), then the driver was abusing the permit. The idea behind the law is for close parking for people that are in some way less able to get around, for whatever reason. If the handicapped person is not leaving the car, a good person would not park in the handicapped space. Whether the placard was displayed or not. Same or worse if the handicapped person is not in the car. The lady knew she was doing wrong and that’s why she was so hostile when jamie called her on it. Isn’t it important when people do wrong we at least let them know that everyone around them knows they’re doing wrong? Anyone that’s ever honked their horn at someone that cut them off, how is this any different?