Noon Tomorrow on the Mighty Wisconsin!! WOOO HOO!!!


Less than 24 hours now!!!

The boat is rigged, the ditty bag is packed, the deke’s are bagged and the dog is pumped.
Nothing like watching the sun come up in the marsh…

Sunday will be even better than noon tomorrow!!!


Is there anything cooler than watching ducks drop their feet?

boom shaka laka…

I am so damn wired there is no way I will accomplish a damn thing at work today.

Sleddy, I’ve got to work this weekend, but come monday the quackers are toast. We’re taking a 7 month old yellow lab out for his first hunt, but he’s a real gem and I expect he’ll do fine.
Is there anything like having a young dog out for their first hunt, and they have have that moment where they suddenly get the concept of all of your training?


Working for the weekend… I half expected you to say you would be in Pointski for the Homecoming festivities boozing at Buffy’s and hitting cartoon Happy Hour.

Seems to always fall on the opener though… hmm duck hunting vs getting drunk… Duck season is 60 days, getting drunk season is 365.

Stupid jobs… There has to be a job somewhere that you don’t work October and November…doesn’t there.

The feeling of seeing all the training suddenly jibe with instinct is beautiful. I have a picture of my dogs first retrieve on my desk at work. (No pictures of the wife but I have the dog’s picture…how sad is that)

I was getting stuff ready last weekend and the guys were over for the NFL ticket and while they went on smoke break on the porch I ran up and grabbed the deke’s out of the garage. Montana was on the porch with them and absolutely freaked when she saw the decoy bags!

Man just watching the ducks tool the decoys alone is worth it.

DAMN! I didn’t even realize it was Homecoming weekend. If I wasn’t working your prediction would be right on.

Now, I’m depressed.

On a lighter note I’ve got that 3 day T-zone weekend in Oct. off so maybe I’ll get my bambi-killing done early this year. I’m super-pumped for that.

Typical Cheesehead :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Have fun, but it is so windy I hope the waves aren’t too bad. My friend tried canoeing on a lake today and gave up.

Cheese Head

Windy is right…

However the last thing I want tomorrow is for it to be perfectly calm and 70 degrees…

Well… that’s the second to last weather type I want. A repeat of the Armistice Day Storm would be worse.