Norman Gunston interviews Sally Struthers

Norman Gunston is an Australian TV host and this is back in the 70s when he was interviewing Sally Struthers of All In The Family fame

Struthers just can’t keep herself together during the interview, she’s cracking up

This is one of the best and funniest interviews I’ve ever seen

From YouTube

Norm Interviews Sally

I love the part where she says 'I got lipstick on your toliet paper" :smiley:

It’s a classic, though note, of course, that Gunston was a character performed by Garry McDonald.

Correct, I should’ve been clearer.

I also love his interview with Frank Zappa, check that one out.

I love that Sally Struthers ‘got’ Norman Gunston. So many of his interviewees didn’t have a clue.

Such a classic interview, you often see clips of it on Australian “nostalgia clip shows” (or whatever the term for shows like 20 To 1 is).