Norman Rockwell Museum

If you are in driving distance of this museum, you might want to spin over to Stockbridge Mass. and take it all in.

The URL is…

Wife and I went up there today (75-80 miles from our home in SW Conn) and the Saturday Evening Posts brought back a lot of memories.

This is one museum that isn’t a strenuous read. You can even check out his studio - the artist’s house which was transplanted to the museum grounds.

Every half hour or so in the museum, they run a 15 minute video that encapsulates Rockwell’s life. Along three walls in this room are covers after covers of the SEP.

Upstairs are full size originals of some of them, and lots more. You can rent a headset, or listen to a presentation of these works by one of the docents.

Anyway, you just might get a huge kick from visiting there. This time of year it’s a pleasant trip. Go on Thursdays and admission is free.

If Rockwell’s not your cup of tea, you can go north on Rte 7 to Williamstown, Mass., to the Williams College museum. Lots of great Impressionist paintings here.

Go. Have some fun.