North American Jeans vs European Jeans

C’mon, I can’t be the only one who can identify North American male tourists just by the cut of their jeans, can I?

What I mean is that North American jeans seem to come in one of two styles.

  1. “Gangsta”-ultra low waist, baggy legs- Xibit
  2. “Suburban Dad”-high waisted, tapered legs, worn with a belt- Joey Tribbiani

European men have much more choice, or so it would seem. I’m pretty sure I haven’t missed hordes of North Americans in normal European-cut jeans (you can usually hear them, even if you can’t see them), so why are these two deeply unflattering styles popular?

Huh? I have a pair of jeans on right now that are not tight, not loose, straight leg cut, low rise. Maybe I’m out of the demographic you’re looking at (25, male)? If you look more in my generation, I think you’ll see a lot more variety. The super baggy jeans is more the style of hip-hop culture (and some kids who wish they were part of it), and the high waist is just what was popular back in the day, and so the older guys still like it now.
Here in the US, the predominant view of European style jeans is tight tight tight. So I guess it goes both ways.

Yeah, there are plenty of other styles. You just don’t think they’re worn by Americans because when Americans wear them over there, they blend in, because their jeans match. Unless, of course, they are doing something else to draw attention to themselves. Like gawk at the Eifell Tower (or in your course, the Blarney Stone, or something.)

There’s other styles. It’s a perception thing: you spot the two types, and (probably rightly) bill them as American. Doesn’t mean that the other 25 people you just passed on the street weren’t American. :slight_smile:

Same applies to fatness, IMHO. “All American tourists are fat”. No, you just notice the big ones. And God knows what horrible stereotypes the Yankees apply to us, sophisticated Eurotrash! :wink:

A lot of people who wear more stylish jeans probably don’t wear jeans when traveling, since they are considered to be a big honkin’ sign of being a clueless American tourist and are a pain to travel in anyway.

Why is it a pain to travel in jeans exactly? Almost all my pants are jeans and I’ve gone travelling a fair bit in them with no ill effects. I can’t imagine why jeans would be worse than any other pants to travel in. Also, does this mean that nobody else wears jeans overseas?

What? Tons of people wear jeans in other countries - especially Europe.

When I went a few years ago, everybody was wearing jeans. They were cut somewhat differently from what American Jeans would be, but they were wearing jeans.

Why would jeans be a pain to travel in? Unless it is really really hot, jeans are pretty comfortable to travel in.

I dont like jeans for travelling, they’re heavy, hard to pack, hard to clean when they get dirty and don’t give you as much leg movement when your sitting in a cramped space for extended periods of time.