North American Union: Fact or fiction?

My house recieves a lot of junk mail and begging letters from conserative groups. One of the most popular causes is preventing the “North American Union”. Supposedly this is the fusion of the U.S., Canada and Mexico into a single country. Since Mexico is a “lawless country” and Canada a “socialist state” this can only result in the subjugation of Americans. They claim that it will mean the loss of U.S. soverenty, the replacement of our currency (with the Amero) and the construction of a huge (as in several football fields wide) highway straight through the middle of the country.

First of all it’s hard to imagine such a thing happening durring our current uber-conservative administration. And I’m sure most of Canada and Mexico have no desire to join with the U.S. I’ve checked aound the web but most the information I can find is by the same groups sending me the letters.

So, is this just a money making scam (they all ask for money) or a real threat?

As I recall this has been discussed before; it’s just right wing paranoia. Neither Canada or Mexico is interested in joining a union where they’d be dominated by America, which is what would really happen.

This isn’t any different than the “The UN is going to take over America ! !” paranoid fantasies you get from the same sort of far-righters.

It’s racist piffle. For one thing, what would that highway be for? What possible sense would it make? If people want to drive from Mexico to Canada now, they can do with existing roads, and there isn’t some giant logjam to do so.
There’s also the minor point that neither Canadians nor (I assume) Mexicans want to join their countries to the US (some want to emigrate, sure, but most are happy where they are).

Here’s the previous thread that Der Trihs mentioned.


The NAFTA Superhighway is a myth, too. (But the Trans-Texas Corridor is a real proposal.)

I read that Ron Paul said during the last Republican debates that he believed in all this. I wonder if that’s going to help its spread?

Canadians would vote against a political union with the U.S. any day of the week that ends in the letter Y. The margin would be at least ten to one against. It’s totally inconceivable, absolutely impossible, that this could happen.

It is now your patriotic duty to scan the crazy ones and post them on the Internet for our amusement.

I live and work near the NAFTA Superhighway (See map in PDF here), and drive on it every day. That’s gotta mean money for me, somehow. So I, for one, welcome our Mexicanadian overlords.

Contrary to popular belief (being strongly opposed to illegal immigration) I think it’d be great to merge with Mexico. Canada not so much, but I think Mexico and the U.S. could do great things for each other. Although I’d miss running down for pharma… Um, I’d miss the fun of traveling to another country.

No, I’ve not thought it out very far, but that’s ok since it’s not going to happen.

Well, it would be, if it were up to them.

The Canschluss is coming.

Resistance is futile.

Prepare to be USsimilated.


Duz this mean thet afterwords, I kin finally gets me sum decent guns cuz a that constitutional thingie? Ahwrite, I wants me a few AR-15s an some RPGs a H&K something…

Be careful what you wish for. You just may get it.


Well this particular story is supported by a lot of democrats who drive trucks. I’m thinking of the August issue of Teamster Magazine (The teamsters have donated 22.5 million dollars to democrat politicians since 1990)

A myth?
what about this ?

I don’t think closer ties would be a bad thing. Something similar to the EU.
I’m really tired of paying more for things like vehicles just because I live North of the border. And I’d like the ability to get a job where ever the job is and not be hassled by having to prove I’m worthy enough in the eyes of some immigration department drone.

What gets you is the sheer venom in these letters. As far as they’re concerned their liberal opponents absolutely hate America (and God, and freedom, etc…) are are intentionaly doing everything in their power to destroy it.

Like I said, I only get stuff from conservative groups but I’d be surprised if liberals weren’t returning the complement. There’s plenty of crazy on both sides of the political spectrum.

Am I missing something? These people are scared of a big road? Don’t we already have big roads in this country?

Dang, I live about a quarter mile from I-35. And my house just went up for sale. Must get it off the market. Once this project goes through, that house will be worth MILLIONS!!!

Hmm, just what do these people think is going to be shipped up and down I-35, that isn’t already, that is going to require a freeway that is that big? Are we going to be moving the factories instead of the end product?

I think the fear is that trucks could zoom from Mexico to Canada without having to stop in the US. So the superhighway would be a benefit to Mexico and Canada allowing them to trade with each other and cut the US out of the picture.

Not quite. He’s sort of an isolationist, so he’s afraid that our sovereignty is being eroded by lose border controls and such. He doesn’t think there is some evil cabal trying to foist a NAU on the US. It would be impossible to do, at any rate.