North Carolina senator Jesse Helms

Or Vermont senator Patrick Leahey, for that matter.
Is this proper English?

For some reason I got to thinking that the proper way to say it would be “North Carolinian senator Jesse…” or Vermonter sen…"
but that makes no sense at all. It just nags at me. English majors:HELP.

“Senator Jesse Helms (R-NC)” is the way I have to write it when I write it for pay.

“North Carolina Senator…” is an abbreviated form of “Senator… of/from North Carolina.” I use those forms interchangeably, but alway use the state’s natural name.

It seems to be a way of simply describing where a congressman, governor, mayor, etc. is from without implying that they embody the ideal of that place, i.e. “New Yorker Senator Hillary Clinton” or “Texan Congressman Tom DeLay.”

Do you turn your ignition with car keys, or do you use carsian keys?

More to the point, are you an America citizen?

No, but I bet he is a United States citizen.

On second thought, seeing as he’s from California, maybe I’ll just wager that he’s a United States resident.


My vote is for “North Carolina senator.” But then again, I only opened this thread because I thought there would be bitching about Jesse Helms. :o

What good would that do?
anyway, Elizabeth Dole is running for his seat, he’s quitting.:wink: