North Dakota Voter ID Law Bars Native Americans from Polls

Keep thinking sweet thoughts. But your ‘I think’ or ‘I don’t think’ means nothing.

So, does ND have a problem with out-of-state people getting PO boxes and using those PO boxes to get ND IDs, then driving back to ND on Election Day to vote?

Sounds like a way of ‘fixing’ a nonexistent problem by throwing obstacles in the way of voting that primarily affect people who vote for the party that didn’t control the state government at the time the law was passed.

This seems to have happened in a shitload of GOP-controlled states now, but as best as I can tell, it’s not happened in a single Dem-controlled state. Quite a coincidence there, Counselor.

I don’t know, but have there been any reports that this has been a big problem in the past?

No, I didn’t mean it was a problem. I just mean really, how does one know where to vote and what candidates they are supposed to be voting for? I’m in Maryland, and while I don’t know for sure, I assume they tell me my voting place and list of candidates based on my address. Just wondering how it works in N.D.

Boy howdy, it’s easy to make stuff up and say it like it was fact.

You mean the ballots that had no postmarks, and should have been tossed out according to Florida election law because nobody could tell if they were cast on Election Day, or a day or two later?

Hey, I’m good with that, as long as we open up that day-after deal to anyone, in any close election. We shoulda done that in 2016, amirite? Give people in WI and PA and MI a second chance to cast their ballot, once they knew how crucial it was?

Probably — and this is not only applied to reservations but to many rural communities. There are parts of the US where people just did not traditionally have an address of the form “(Road Name/Number), (House Number)” on a fixed baseline grid.

In drawing up the election districts, precincts and wards, the states will make the division discrete only to the Census Tract level, rather than to the house-by-house level if they don’t have to. So they refer to THAT map where generally any clustered community will be one tract.

If it’s a small reservation, its tracts may add up to a self-contained single ward anyway.

In a larger reservation or just a larger rural area you may have an issue if Mr. Voter lives in a cabin on a hill exactly three miles from the closest neighbor in each direction and the last mile is by mule trail, but somewhere the local authority has a map saying what tract amd ward he’s in.

If the various authorities have their act together, in such communities the local authorities will sit with the postmaster and draw up a distribution, by which for instance, residents in tract 1 will be on postal route 11, boxes numbered 10***, tract 2 will be on postal route 11, Boxes numbered 20***, tract 3 will be postal route 11, Boxes 30*** and so forth, and the elections apportionment people will use that to define who is in what district.

Damned if I know. So long as somebody had it figured out, I’ll confess that’s the end of my curiosity.

You’re a Maryland manson, then? :wink:

Indian land aside, this sounds like a law denying the franchise to homeless persons. That, like any restriction of civil rights based on present economic position, seems intrinsically abusive.

Great, thanks for the info!


Yeah, no shit. You have made it clear, repeatedly, that you don’t care what methods republicans use to suppress democratic votes. What was, to date, unclear, was whether you were okay with it when it was clear and unambiguous that, as a result of these laws, certain citizens would be stripped of their right to vote.

Now we know. Good for you. I’m sure when democracy in the US ends, you’ll be real happy.

Except… maybe one thing to think about. Last I checked, you were hispanic. D’y’know how the people doing this feel about hispanic people? When they’ve effectively ended democracy, in the vein of Putin, Erdogan, or Orban, do you think this somehow ends well for you?

Uh no. It would be because you’d be fucking up people’s and businesses’ real day to day life. Seriously, it’s a dumb answer to my original question of what the Dems could do. Real dumb.

There’s a suggestion on Twitter for the Native Americans effected by this law to call 911 and ask them what address is showing up on their monitors, since 911 in ND is required to show a location and not a mailing address. Of course, they could get into trouble for calling 911 for a non-emergency, but it might get somebody in ND to take notice.

Maybe Bricker figures that since he’s a rich Hispanic citizen, he’ll be okay. He benefits from the tax cuts and won’t be deported. Bricker may be counting on the GOP’s racism to either hold steady or decline, and the Richard Spencer types won’t completely take over. It’s not a gamble I would take, but he’s entitled to his opinion. Just like the Jews who supported Hitler were entitled to their opinion. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

“My right to vote is being infringed upon in a critical election” sure seems like an emergency to me.

The GOP controls many largely rural states. A number of these states - I’m thinking about Appalachian states like WV and KY, and central PA - have a lot of areas where houses don’t have residential addresses. But in these states, a law like ND’s would largely act to disenfranchise rural whites.

Like I said in the Georgia thread, I’m anxious* to see whether GOP-dominated state governments pass ND-like laws in these other states.

*Who am I kidding? Of course I’m not anxious to see whether this will happen anywhere. OF COURSE it won’t happen. No way, no how.

North Dakota seems to be the only state where voters don’t need to register before they vote. In other states, don’t you need to provide an address to register to vote?

This seems like about par for Twitter suggestions, right in line with microwaving your iPhone to recharge it, and #JumpAgainstTrump. I don’t feel like our democracy is suffering a great loss if the people dumb enough to follow these sort of suggestions don’t vote.

The state is represented by a female Democrat in the Senate. She polled well among Amerinds during her election. The law in question was passed relatively quickly thereafter by the Republican dominated state legislature. Connect the dots. :rolleyes:

Let’s say that there are 1,000 PO Boxes in ND. (I’m sure there are a great deal more). Are you saying that there are 1,000 election districts, then? :confused:

Well, how would you suggest finding out what address the government assigned to your residence, when they didn’t bother to tell you what it was? (And one of the articles linked upthread quoted a county official in North Dakota who admitted there was a real problem in his county with people not knowing the address he’d assigned them in the past few years.)

Remember, internet access is at best spotty on the reservation (I saw today that about ten percent of reservation residents have internet access, although I’m not sure whether that is specific to the Standing Rock), and anyway looking at Google Maps today I saw lots of roads that Google shows only as “unnamed road.” The post office likely delivers only to your PO box or to the community cluster mailbox at a route and box#, so they’re no real help. Who would you call?

(The recommended answer, according to various newspaper articles, is your county 911 coordinator, who is most likely the person who assigned the address in the first place, although I presume they want you to call on his or her non-emergency line.)

That doesn’t stop the GOP. They have no problem shutting down DMVs and fucking up people’s and businesses’ real day to day life.

It does stop the Dems.