North Korea Readying a Nuke?

Or have the US intelligence agencies got it wrong again?

Of course, if they actually do set off a nuke, then what?

They’re been discussing this for a week or so, since N Korea sent a missile into the Sea of Japan.

We’ve got too much on our plate now, so unless Kim Jong Il starts lobbing nasties at us, I vote to let it be.

Well since they are on record as saying it’s either real or it is not I’d say intelligence has pretty much nailed this one. Gotta hand it to Dear Leader, his inscrutability is his best weapon.

Yeah, then after they lob one, we can wring our hands and ask why nobody stopped it.

If it’s a surface explosion, the fallout will quite probably drift over Japan, possibly over Tokyo itself.

The resulting panic will likely kill many, followed by X number of fallout deaths, where X>0.

Japanese real estate values drop.

Serious global financial panic shall follow.